In-N-Out, you better watch out! This is your comprehensive guide to finding 15 of the most popular veggie burgers in Los Angeles. From wholesome “Big Macro” burgers to extra decadent “Deluxe” burgers with all the fixings, we came up with a list to ensure that no matter where you are in Orange County, you’ll always be able to satisfy your veggie burger cravings. We chose these products based on Yelp reviews and popularity but also used our discretion to be certain that we were being fair to the many contenders – there are so many great veggie burgers out there! This list is not based on ranking, priority, or any other particular order. All reviews are from real Yelpers. And guess what?! In addition to being vegetarian, they are all vegan as well. Happy eating!

Below are the 15 most popular vegan/veggie burgers in LA along with real quotes from people who have tried them!


  1. The Fix Burger: House Veggie Burger (Silver Lake)


    House-made veggie patty with your favorite fixings.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Best fast food veggie burger I’ve had. I especially appreciate how the patty didn’t just fall apart like most veggie burgers so I could take my time eating it without fearing I’d have to eat it at a salad eventually.” –Elenna S.

    2. “I love me some burgers, Veggie, of course. Their veggie burger was by far one of the best and fresh tasting veggie burger I ever had.” –Akisha B.

    3. “Awesome veggie burger! Lots of flavor without being overwhelming.” –Jae M.

    4. “Yummy. When I am craving a gourmet veggie burger and am feeling up for a bit of a walk, this is where I go.” –Jessica N.

    5. “Veggie Burger was delicious and I could actually see the veggies they used for the patty!” –Katherine K.

  2. Mo Better Burgers: House Veggie Burger (Mid-Wilshire)

    Josh P./Yelp

     Veggie patty, pickles, lettuce, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. 

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Try the veggie burger! I’ve had hundreds of veggie burgers and this is by far my favorite.” –Anel L.

    2. “I got the veggie burger which was GREAT. It was very hearty and filling. Seasoned really well. Best part? They use non-GMO soy. ‘Nuff said!” –Diz M.

    3. “The veggie burger was delicious and I’m not a big fan of veggie burgers to begin with. It was absolutely delicious.” –Devon S.

    4. “The best veggie burgers and tacos I’ve tasted thus far!” –Positive M.

    5. “If you are looking for a delicious burger, with all the trimmings, this is the place.” –Mia G.

  3. The Park: Veggie Park Burger (Echo Park)


    House-made burger patty. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. All Park Burgers include house-made burger sauce.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “After having the house-made veggie burger, how could I not write a rave review?” –Michele G.

    2. “Their veggie burgers are addictive. consider yourself warned.” –Heather H.

    3. “The best veggie burger ever. Lover $5 burger night on Wednesdays.” –Bunny H.

    4. “The bean-based burger keeps me coming back. It doesn’t pretend to be meat, but it satisfies just the same.” –Diane C.

    5. “The veggie burger was the best in all of Los Angeles and I have tried many, trust me..” –Patti G.

  4. The Counter: Sprouted Veggie (Various locations)

    The Beauty Blender

    House-made vegan veggie patty, sliced red onion, organic mixed greens, roasted red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, Dijon balsamic dressing, multigrain bun.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “I ordered the veggie burger with as many fixings as I could handle and it was delicious. The party is very obviously homemade, and super tasty.” –Victoria T.

    2. “I had a veggie burger … and it was AMAZING–a nice thick hearty veggie patty, unlike the vegetarian option at a lot of burger places.” –Emma M.

    3. “These burgers are literally the best I’ve ever had. I’m a vegetarian, and this veggie burger is purely delicious. You can choose from a huge variety of toppings, buns, and sauces so the burger becomes ideal.” –Sam K.

    4. “I love the counter burger joint! Best service, amazing veggie burger, and fun ambiance!” –Rita B.

    5. “I now seek out this franchise when I am in the mood for a good veggie burger.” –Charlie C.

  5. Veggie Grill: VG-Cheeseburger (Various locations)

    Food Smackdown

    Topped with Chao cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chipotle ranch. El Dorado Style upon request with jalapeños and caramelized onions.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Bomb. Burgers. Ever. Can’t believe these guys make such good burgers out of vegetables.” –K D.

    2. “Great veggie burger and sweet potato fries. The burger was hearty and filling with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Add a some hot sauce for a little kick!” –Neelam P.

    3. “The V-Burger – simply the best burger ANYWHERE.” –Inkytator I.

    4. “Try the V-Burger, it tastes just like a real burger but BETTER!” –Abby K.

    5. “I got the V-burger with a side of cabbage slaw. It was delicious. And as a meat-eater, it was pretty damn good for a meatless burger.” –Edward H.

  6. Fusion Burgers: Mother Nature (Highland Park)

    Fusion Burgers

    Vegan patty, guacamole, daikon sprouts and Boston lettuce.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Excellent vegetarian and vegan burgers. Ingredients are good and the patty from the vegan burger is prepared from scratch. Fries are hand cut and the burgers are the right size.” –Art V B.

    2. “Great food, and fantastic service. My father said it was the best vegan burger he’s ever eaten!” –Tommy C.

    3. “BF had the vegan burger which was huge and amazing looking – so big points for meat eaters and vegans being able to co-exist in one restaurant.” –Sherrie G.

    4. “I ordered the Pepper Burger with a vegan patty and thought it was fantastic.” –Chris R.

    5. This place is my GO-TO place when I want my vegan burger.” –Jina Y.

  7. The Addiction Bistro: Addiction Vegan Burger (Beverly Grove)


    The most realistic Vegan Burger you’ll ever have (includes Johnny’s amazing homemade pickles).

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “You can’t go wrong with this burger.” –David L.

    2. “I tried the vegan burger … it was absolutely delicious and wonderfully charred, just like i remember burgers from the bbq!” –Ashley F.

    3. “I was amazed at how good the vegan truffle burger was.” –Ariana F.

    4. “‘Holy Shit!!’ I exclaimed loudly after my first bite. This tastes just like real meat. Scrumptious!” –Aaron B.

    5. “The Quarry Girl burger, which is one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had, w/ sauerkraut, homemade garlic pickles and from scratch mustard is a thing of beauty!” –Aimee S.

  8. The Grain Cafe: The Deluxe Burger (Mid-City)

    Rhiannon N./Yelp

    Beans, grains and vegetable burger patty with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, avocado, mozzarella cheese and smoked tempeh bacon, with our special sauce on a toasted whole wheat sesame seed bun.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “That was one of the best veggie burgers I have ever had. Vegan too. What a treat.” –Adam M.

    2. “I had the burger deluxe and it was vegan and healthy! Best healthy burger I ever had!” –B Z.

    3. “I had the Deluxe Burger from this amazingly hidden gem. Halfway through my meal, I could already feel the effects of eating “clean”. My mood changed and my energy heightened. AND THE FLAVORS that are molded beautifully together are something not be over or under looked.” –Cathrine Z.

    4. “Do yourself a favor and order the deluxe burger or club sandwich with avocado… Keep this awesome place open.” –Christian T.

    5. “The Deluxe Burger, amazing … yummy and I couldn’t tell it was vegan!” –CZ H.

  9. Mohawk Bend: Southwest Vegan Burger (Echo Park)


    Vegan patty with arugula, avocado, tomato, crispy onions, jalapeno aioli, ciabatta.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Their veggie/vegan burgers are the best!” –Elizabeth S.

    2. “The southwest vegan burger is huge and so tasty!” –Miki C.

    3. “Vegan burger had great texture and ciabatta bun and toppings dressed it up nicely.” –Joanne M.

    4. “Vegan burger is the best I’ve ever had. Granted, I’m an omnivore, but it was delicious. Also, it’s big.” –Cristina C.

    5. “My vegan burger was also beyond my expectations — just awesome.” –Julia D.

  10. M Cafe de Chaya: The Big Macro (Fairfax)


    House-made whole grain brown rice and vegetable patty, special sauce, lettuce, soy mozzarella, tomato, pickles, onion, and alfalfa sprouts on a toasted whole wheat bun.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Two words: Macro Burger. Okay…one more word: WOW.” –Catrinel A.

    2. “I ordered the Big Mac (Macrobiotic vegan burger) and a side of the seaweed salad….incredible… 3 of my friends who are vegan recommend it as the best dish. It really was amazing.” –Aaron A.

    3. “The vegan burger (Big Macro) is the best one in LA in my opinion. It has a good fluffy, not doughy bun, homemade patty that doesn’t take like cardboard, and pickles.” –Carolyn P.

    4. “I got The Big Macro burger and OMG it is amazing.” –Rhiannon R.

    5. “I ordered the Big Macro Burger and was expecting a weird tofu veggie mess, but, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted!” –Stephanie L.

  11. Organix: Castro Burger (Eagle Rock)

    Katie B./Yelp

    Our mildly spicy signature burger made from butternut squash, black beans, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, oats and many herbs and spices, grilled onions, and our signature house made chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Usually vegan burgers are bland with thin patties. This felt like a real beef burger but of course it was cruelty free and delicious!” –Leslie M.

    2. “The burgers are DELICIOUS. Best veggie burger in town, hands-down.” –Kristen R.

    3. “The castro burger patty was made from scratch, using black beans, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds and was perfectly seasoned.” –Brittney B.

    4. “I only come here for the Castro burger and zucchini fries with the best vegan ranch EVER. This is my second favorite burger ever. If I could it eat it every day I would.” –Irma G.

    5. “The scrumptious Castro Burger is PRECISELY WHY Organix is ‘as good as it gets.'” –Jennifer M.P.H.

  12. Elderberries: Elderberries' Veggie Burger (Hollywood)

    Katie M./Yelp

    Grilled homemade vegetable patty, topped with Daiya cheese, tomato, cucumber, and vegan chipotle honey mustard.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Gluten-free bread! Yes! Had the veggie burger and I’m not a vegan but still delicious.” –Helena D.

    2. “The Elderberries VEGGIE BURGER, ain’t your regular veggie burger. You’re in for a very pleasant surprise. SO GOOD.” –Liz M.

    3. “The house-made veggie burger was killer, the “patty” was nicely balanced with avocado, tomato & cucumber and the bread was crispy and yummy, too.” –Teal D.

    4. “Excellent Veggie Burger … friendly staff, make this place my new spot when I hit West Hollywood.” –Henry M.

    5. “OBSESSED… Veggie burger: STOP RIGHT NOW.” –Arielle M.

  13. Cabbage Patch: Veggie Burger (Various locations)

    Yoh T./Yelp

    Veggie patty, sliced avocado, arugula, tomato, ketchup.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “Their veggie burger is out of this world! I don’t understand how they keep it so moist, but they do and it’s delish!” –Sara A.

    2. “The best veggie burger in town, ‘you-the-you-the best, best I ever had!'” –Yoh T.

    3. “I enjoyed my veggie burger, it seemed to be the kind made out of rice and mushrooms.” –Francesca L.

    4. “I have found a place where I enjoy their veggie burger and it doesn’t even register as a veggie burger when I eat it. Look no further than Cabbage Patch.” –Grace C.

    5. “I’m not a vegetarian but their veggie burger is amazing! The patty is not tofu meat, it’s actually a mixture of oatmeal & veggies I think. The patty itself is very flavorful.” –Annie L.

  14. Burger Lounge: Organic Quinoa Veggie Burger (Various locations)


    Organic quinoa, brown rice, zucchini, garbanzo, carrot, corn, chipotle served “Lounge Style.”

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “The quinoa burger (I’m vegetarian) is so moist and flavorful.” –Kristin R.

    2. “This place is really healthy, hearty, delicious and fresh convenient food! It’s super delicious — quinoa burger is to die for as is all their delicious salads and sides. ” –Katie S.

    3. “I have to say that the Veggie Quinoa Burger is actually the best thing on the menu….and I loveee meat. Go figure! There is something about the consistency of the Quinoa Patty that almost melts in your mouth.” –Jeff P.

    4. “This place has a great veggie-quinoa burger that is filling and delicious. It tastes like it is homemade.” –Ami T.

    5. “If you’re a veggie girl like me, try the Quinoa burger!” –Nel A.

  15. Bloom Cafe: Three Grain Vegetable Burger (Mid-City)

    Sequoia C./Yelp

    Cashew nuts, lettuce, tomato, red onion, green aioli.

    Here’s what people are saying about this veggie burger…

    1. “I had the three grain vegetable burger with living lettuce, tomato and red onion. So good! It wasn’t your typical same-old, same-old veggie burger. It was these savory mix of grain that melted in my mouth.” –Freddy P.

    2. “Fresh and healthy ! I love their veggie burger and fries.” –Noemie T.

    3. “Best veggie burger currently available in los angeles. hands down.” –Effie B.

    4. “This last time I had a veggie burger. Now the interesting thing about this particular veggie burger was not that it could talk, but more that it was hand made out of a melody of delicious veggies.” –Stephy P.

    5. “The veggie burger is definitely handmade and is so filling!” –Michelle Y.

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