Tofu doesn’t exactly have the greatest rep. Often considered bland, boring, and flavorless, tofu has had a hard time shaking this unsavory image over the years. However, as home chefs who give this ingredient a little TLC quickly realize, tofu can be incredibly delicious! Due to its amazing sponge-like ability to absorb flavor, tofu can undergo some wonderful transformations with the help of marinades, sauces, and even batter. Plus, there are tons of different types of tofu that will satisfy a wide range of cravings. There are specific kinds for emulating eggy omelettes and scrambles, there are others that are better for making faux cheese or chicken-like cutlets, and then there are some that are best just tossed into a smoothie or a pudding for some added creaminess (and nutrients)! And even if you don’t feel like cooking a full-fledged meal, there are tofu products out there for you that are pre-cooked and ready to be munched from one moment to the next. And nowadays, tofu is so popular that these products are available online in addition to the grocery store! Check out these 12 products you can buy online right now.