Last month, we brought you our founder, Preeta Sinha’s, newly tried vegan protein bars. This month, we’re diving into her most trusted vitamins. Vitamins are essential when living a plant-based life, and a healthy life in general! So, check out Preeta’s most-used vitamins and supplements.

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1. Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger & BioperineTumeric pills

For joint-paint relief, Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger & Bioperine is an amazing choice. This remedy is created with 95% Curcuminoids. It’s a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that may help relieve joint, back, neck, knee, and hand pain, reduce inflammation and skin dryness, boost brain function and memory, improve digestion and blood circulation. Buy some for $13.94.

Angela said, “I’d been told by a few people about the merits of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, so I decided to give it a try. I AM SO IMPRESSED! I am 55, so things hurt that didn’t used to. I had one knee that hurt when I walked and one that hurt when I cycled. Within a few days, there was a noticeable difference, to the point that I was (am) pain-free almost all the time.”

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsulesapple cider vinegar

These Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules promotes healthy weight loss, a speedy metabolism, and works as an appetite suppressant for those late night cravings. Each pill contains extra strength, raw ACV in addition to all organic aloe vera, astragalus root, cayenne pepper, coconut & vitamin A – beta-carotene. Buy some for $14.97.

Lemy said, “Have only been taking these for 3 days and maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but wow what a difference. I am big on vitamins and natural supplements and once I started taking these I felt a sudden burst of energy with no crash. I went from drinking 3 espressos a day to keep me awake during work to only drinking one now just for the taste because this really keeps me up.”

3. Vital Nutrients – Vitamin D3vitamin d3

Vital Nutrients – Vitamin D3 supports calcium absorption and bone health, which is vital for vegans everywhere. These are vegetable capsules, so rest assured as you take them in the morning. Buy some for $24.70!

MB said, “These are my favorite D vitamins ever. My naturopath suggested them to me a few years back and I haven’t used anything since. Other vitamins didn’t seem to work very well, but these start working within a week.”

5. Nested SUPER ALGAEsuperfood-powder-algae

Nested SUPER ALGAE is a plant-based superfood powder that is dense in protein, iron, and phytonutrients such as carotenoids. Chlorella is a green algae that has a lot of chlorophyll, which is excellent for getting rid of impurities, cleansing the bowels and feeding friendly bacteria in the gut. It can also help seasonal allergy sufferers, and keeping the immune system healthy. Buy some for $16.10.

An Amazon reviewer said, “I’ve been dealing with a myriad of health issues over the last year due to severe stress. I started taking various vitamins and supplements in addition to meditation and exercise. I decided to look for a spirulina supplement to aid with gut health and feeling generally run down. I’ve been super pleased with the quality and price of this product. Since I began taking it daily, I have not yet gotten sick.”

6. Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin B12B12 vitamin

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin B12 is an essential b12 vitamin that supports brain and nerve cells and tissues. This chewable lemon flavored tablet is easy to take, and not bad to taste. Vitamin B-12 also promotes healthy levels of energy production and will quickly decrease fatigue. Buy some for $5.87!

A reviewer said, “These are 1000 mcg pills. These are Lozenges which means that they can be chewed or dissolved in the mouth. I felt they are little too big for me to keep under the tongue, so I keep it in the mouth and it gets dissolved just fine. These have a lemon flavour, which is sweet and not bitter. I did not feel any after-effects or discomfort from the tablets.”

7. HumanN – Heart Greensgreen powders

HumanN – Heart Greens is made from kale and spinach, which help your body produce the necessary Nitric Oxide to promote cardiovascular health and healthy blood pressure levels! It has a great lemon flavor and can be easily mixed into flavored waters or icy shakes. Buy some for $28.45.

Jenny said, “My lovely sister knows that I hate to eat cooked vegetables…so she gave me this product. My goodness, I’m not only feeling better — but things seem to be improving all around. Taste is not bad — I mix it with my fiber drink to get a really good dose of health!”

8. MegaHydrate Body Hydration AntioxidantMegahydrate

MegaHydrate Body Hydration Antioxidant reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, especially for athletes and those that enjoy working out. It also increases cell hydration and increases energy levels. Buy some for $29.95.

Joyce said, “I have an extremely low immune system A factor which fights airborne diseases. If I’m exposed to someone coughing, and blowing their nose, I take 2 of these as soon as possible. So far, they have been quite helpful in keeping me from catching every flu or cold out there!”

9. Dr. Mercola Fermented Chlorellavegan fermented-chlorella

Dr. Mercola Fermented Chlorella naturally detoxes and supports your immune system. When using fermented chlorella, the fermentation process breaks down these walls leaving a highly bioavailable supply. Also, chlorella is more nutrient dense than kale, spinach, and broccoli. Buy some for $18.49.

Amy said, “I take chlorella always as it is a superfood and of late I’m taking a lot of it as I’m detoxing from heavy metals. Fermentation makes nutrients more bioavailable and this chlorella is cultivated in an indoors sterile environment. I trust Dr. Mercola’s products and this didn’t let me down.”

10. Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsulesblack cumin seed oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil Capsules are naturally sourced and boost the immune system, aids in weight loss, and fights against degenerative illnesses. Black cumin seed oil is the ultimate remedy for just about everything. Buy some for $18.94.

11. Country Life Arctic Kelparctic-kelp-vitamin

Country Life Arctic Kelp promotes thyroid health and is an amazing source of iodine. Iodine is known for helping to support healthy thyroid function. It’s free from all allergens and is free of GMO’s, too. Buy some for $10.99.

A reviewer said, “These are great. It’s a long story, but I became hypothyroid due to an iodine deficiency–seriously, no lie. So I needed an iodine supplement and I chose these–there was nothing my doctor could recommend since she had never recognized an iodine deficiency as the cause of hypothyroidism, before, and there simply isn’t a prescription medication available for it.”

12. Vital Nutrients – Vitamin C vital-vitamin-c

Vital Nutrients – Vitamin C is truly a must-have. Vitamin C supports iron absorption, the immune system, and contains no coatings or gluten. Vitals company tests every batch of raw material to ensure purity. Buy some for $33.70.

Sc said, “I’ve been using this product & brand for over 2 years and I am very pleased with its results…supporting my immune system! One capsule in the A.M. and I’m well supplied for the day (& one more at night if I am feeling “run-down”). If you have a sensitive system, this pure form Vitamin C may work just as well for you as it has for me!”

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