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There is no denying that we can all benefit from eating an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in their pure, clean, and unprocessed form. Raw foods are cleansing, healing, and detoxifying to the body, and are especially good for people who eat a lot of meat, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. They’re rich in enzymes and probiotics, are an incredible source of antioxidants and fiber, and they help to balance your body’s natural pH.

Whether you’re on a quest to become a fully raw vegan or you simply want to experience the many proven benefits that adding more raw food into your diet can bring, check out the following five tips to help kick-start your new raw foodist lifestyle:

1. Start the Day with a Smoothie

Ditch the cereal or cooked breakfast for a refreshing smoothie instead and you’ll instantly reap the benefits of eating more raw foods. Smoothies are quick and easy to make, plus they’re super delicious. Start with fruit smoothies. Then once you’ve got into the swing of things, begin adding greens, seeds, and all sorts of other fun herbs. The thought of drinking spinach and kale might sound disgusting, but trust me, once you start drinking smoothies, you’ll never go back!

2. Make a Power Salad for Lunch

Salads don’t have to be boring. One of the easiest ways to add more raw foods to your diet is by making ridiculously big raw salads every day. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchinni, seeds, nuts, you name it… throw it all in there, mix it all up, and dig in! Eating an abundance of raw veggies will satisfy your unhealthy urges and give your body the nutrients it craves.

3. Take Fruit with you Everywhere you go

The best thing you can do to stop yourself reaching for crappy processed snacks when you get peckish is to always have some form of fruit on hand. Our bodies crave sugar and if that craving kicks in and you’re not prepared, chances are you’ll end up eating junk. Thankfully, fruit is naturally high in sugar (the good kind) and it’s amazingly nourishing so throw a few bananas in your bag and tuck in whenever you feel hungry.

4. Make Your Own Condiments

Most of us eat A LOT of condiments with our meals, which is why making them yourself at home and keeping them raw as opposed to buying them pre-made from the store will go a long way to helping bring more raw foods into your life. From raw pesto to raw avocado salsa and even raw mayonnaise, there are so many delicious alternatives that are fun to experiment with.

5. Add Rather Than Subtract

Instead of thinking about all the foods you’ll be eliminating when eating raw, focus on what you’ll be adding, such as more veggies, fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds. A raw food diet isn’t about restricting what you eat or cutting calories, if you’re hungry then eat – just make sure you try to eat raw! Over time, you’ll find that the more raw food you eat the less you crave junk and you certainly won’t miss the artificial tastes and negative after effects.

Have you got any tips to share for those looking to add more raw food into their diets?

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