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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes we do not give it the respect it deserves.  When you eat breakfast, you are breaking your fast from the night before (hence the name), giving your body the nutrients it needs to fuel you through the morning.  Skipping breakfast tends to cause tiredness, restlessness, and irritability.   Even worse, denying yourself this vital meal has been shown to lead to overeating throughout the day, and there is a strong correlation between skipping breakfast and obesity.

Even though it is important to eat breakfast every day, it is also essential that you start your day with a healthy meal.  A good breakfast is high in fiber, provides protein and complex carbohydrates, and is low in sugar and processed foods.  Eating a healthy breakfast revs your metabolism, boosts your concentration, productivity, and memory, and has been shown to lead to healthier eating choices throughout the day.

So now that you know how important breakfast is, what can you do on those hectic mornings when your only option seems to be to scarf down an unhealthy pastry or bowl of sugary processed flakes?  In most people’s minds, oatmeal is the pinnacle of healthy breakfast foods, and while oatmeal has certainly earned its reputation, this healthy grain takes time to cook and can get boring rather quickly.  To help you combat the ease of opting for an unhealthy breakfast, we have compiled a list of exciting hot cereals that are full of fiber, protein, and whole grains.  Each product can be easily dressed up or down to suit your early morning preferences and most can be cooked in five minutes or less.  So start your day right with one of these healthy hot cereals.

1.  Amy’s Hot Cereal Bowls

amy's hot cereal

Oatmeal is revered as one of the healthiest breakfast options out there.  Oats, a common cereal grain used in oatmeal and rolled oats, are full of fiber and antioxidants.  There is a large list of health benefits associated with eating this grain, from its cholesterol lowering properties to its immune boosting qualities to its ability to lower the risk of diabetes.  Amy’s makes frozen hot cereal bowls available as either steel-cut oat, rolled oat, or multi grain.  These bowls are ready after a few minutes in the microwave, making the quest to eat a healthy breakfast on a hectic morning easier than ever.

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