There’s no denying that we all like to get a little bit spoiled on our birthdays, and, when it comes to birthday surprises, let’s all admit it — more really is more! But this doggie birthday surprise really takes the cake. Watch as this plastic and tennis ball-loving pup, Maymo, gets surprised with 100 of the very things he loves the most. And you’ll love the ending of the video, which shows exactly how we all hopefully look after a day of birthday fun — perfectly content and happily exhausted!

Maymo, the pup featured in this video, has begun to develop a bit of a following. “I am Maymo the lemon beagle. I like to sniff trash, eat used napkins, and make popular videos of my numbskulled activities,” his own personal Twitter page reads. You can follow Maymo and his cute adventures on Twitter here. There’s a whole lot of cute to be seen here!


Image source: Maymo