Get ready, UK! Daiya, the company that forever changed the dairy-free cheese game with their gooey goodness that stretches and melts, has announced that their plant-based food products will be expanding to the UK. Woohoo!

Beginning this month, Daiya will unveil their products at select supermarkets. Not only is Daiya known for their dairy-free cheeses including shreds, slices, and blocks, the company also has a vegan pizza line, makes yogurt, dressings, and much more. 

At the Natural Products Expo West 2018, Daiya unveiled cheeze sticks, as well as yogurt duets. We are thrilled to see even more exciting developments from the company as they plan to expand to the UK!

Daiya’s dairy-free shreds, slices, blocks, cream cheeze-style spreads, and cheezy macs will be available at select Whole Foods markets, Sainsbury’s, and specialty online vegan vendors throughout the London area, with more locations and products to come.

“We recognize that consumers in the UK are making conscious choices to embrace both a healthier planet and healthier lifestyle. Our fans across the UK have been petitioning for Daiya products for years,” said Terry Tierney, CEO of Daiya. 

Daiya is absolutely right in noting how UK consumers are actively seeking out healthier, sustainable food options. According to new research by market researcher IRI, 39 percent of people across seven European countries now purchase vegetarian and vegan food. What’s more, The Vegan Society notes the amount of people who identify as vegan in the UK has tripled in the past decade!

The plant-based company, which was founded in 2008, also recently announced a move to a 400,000 square foot corporate headquarters and production facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada to help meet the growing demand for plant-based options. The future is indeed plant-based, a welcomed shift considering how our current global food system is pushing the planet to its absolute limit.

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Image Source: Daiya Foods