If you’re feeling anxious or suffer from panic attacks, try out this 54321 technique! Dr. Oz explains that this technique incorporates all five of your senses, and works by shifting your focus onto something other than the thoughts that are causing you to have anxiety.

The first step is to use your sight and name five things you see around you. It could be anything from your dog, a tree, a kitchen appliance, etc. Next, name four things that you can touch that are around you at that moment. It could be your glasses, your coffee cup, your cat, etc. Next, focus on three things that you can hear around you. Next, name two things you can smell, and finally, name one thing you can taste.

According to neuroscience research, focusing your attention on all five of your senses helps to reroute or restart your brain. According to Mayo Clinic, “This exercise helps you shift your focus to your surroundings in the present moment and away from what is causing you to feel anxious. It can help interrupt unhealthy thought patterns.” Try out this technique the next time you feel anxious or stressed and watch it work wonders!

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