Look at these little bundles of fur! Are they dogs? Or are they bears? They look a bit like mini wolf pups to us, but nope. These little guys are raccoon babies! Have you ever seen one before? Neither had we. But what a treat it is to see one. Aren’t they just the most adorable fur-balls you’ve ever seen?

They were rescued by WildCare and are now being nursed back to health. Raccoon babies need a lot of help when they’re as young as these two. They need to be fed by hand with a bottle with a fake nipple attached. They can’t open their eyes, and can’t even pee or poop on their own.


It’s a good thing for these little ones that WildCare was there to help. Now, they can look forward to a happy normal life in the wild once they grow up. Let’s give WildCare a big round of applause!