You know the old adage, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well, this five year old, Tariku Brammall, is taking the sentiment of that phrase to an incredible new level by selling lemons to make lemonade for the captive bears living in Romania. Not literal lemonade, but rather he is using the profits from his lemon sales to raise money for World Animal Protection, a UK-based charity that is helping to free bears from captivity. 

In a report published on The Examiner, Tariku’s mother explains that this plan to free the bears of Romania was, “entirely his own idea.” At the ripe old age of five, Tariku is an avid animal lover and vegetarian by-choice.


Tariku was inspired to start this venture after he watched an episode of Go Diego,Go! (featuring Dora the Explorer’s cousin who travels the world rescuing animals) and wanted to help the pandas he saw on the screen.

Tariku began to sell lemons for the bears a year ago and has already raised enough money to free one bear, his ultimate goal is, “To free all the bears.”

Everyday he is getting closer to this goal by selling lemons in front of the cafe his parents recently opened, “Sweetbrew,” in downtown Launceston. The support Tariku has received from the local community is nothing short of incredible and soon this little compassionate boy will be on his way to freeing every captive bear in Romania, and perhaps one day the entire world!

While he has yet to develop an online app to sell lemons (although I am sure that is in the works), you can support Tariku’s lemon-aid business by visiting the stand at Sweetbrew cafe, 93a George Street, Lanceston, Australia. We will be looking forward to adding him to our list of “Anti-Captivity Heroes,” one day soon!


Image source: The Examiner