There’s a lot more going on in Brazil than the World Cup.

Juruena National Park is now under threat. Plans are underway to build dams in the Tapajós Basin — within the park — for two hydroelectric plants, São Simão Alto and Salto Augusto Baixo. Home to a diverse group of protected species and the fourth largest park in Brazil with 7,722 square miles of land, this protected area will soon be invaded by the Brazilian government’s public utility unit.


In an effort to stop this invasion, WWF has set up a campaign known as SOS Juruena and a petition in the hopes to deter this planned action. To learn more about this attack on a protected national park, watch the video above. To sign the petition, click here.

Let’s put pressure on the Brazilian government to stop an action that will be detrimental to the local people and animals of the Juruena National Park.