Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s an entire holiday devoted to eating treats – and you don’t even have to sit, stay OR roll over to get them! Part of why I love Halloween is all the spooky fun and the fact that hoomans love getting animals involved in the tricks and treat giving too (just wait until you see my sweet costume!).

But this Halloween, I came across some pictures taken by the humans at Shedd Aquarium who wanted to get the beluga whales they’re holding prisoner in on the fun … and I found it way more scary than anything I’ve seen this season (and I’m an avid scary movie watcher).


How could a human see this and be all “aww! Baby beluga sees his first pumpkin!” ?? Does no one else realize that nowhere on the planet would a beluga whale EVER need or want to see a pumpkin?

He may look like he’s smiling, but he’s probably really screaming, “Help us, alien pumpkin! Tell your leader to set us free!”


“We thought the whole trick part happened after they took us from the ocean and tried to convince us this bathtub is ‘home.’ When’s the ‘treat’ AKA letting us go part happening?”


The fact is, these whales don’t have just one day devoted to nightmares, they live it every single day in captivity. I know humans pretty well and I am  sure they would never be “okay” with being separated from their families and thrown into a crate for the rest of their lives. So, why on Earth, would they think it’s fine to do this to animals.


Ugh, people.

All image source: Shedd Aqaurium