Beluga Whales Trapped in Icy Waters

Over 100 Beluga whales in eastern Russia are trapped and are at risk of dying unless they are rescued soon.

According to CNN, “the whales were concentrated in two relatively small ice holes, where, for now, they can breathe freely. But the Belugas’ chance of swimming back to water is slim due to the vast fields of ice over the strait”.  In addition, they have reported, “the whales have little food, and the ice flow is increasing, the statement said. They are at risk of rapid exhaustion and, ultimately, death by starvation or suffocation. Trapped whales are also susceptible to predators like polar bears and killer whales”.


The Chukotka Autonomous Region government has reached out to the federal authorities and asked for an icebreaker to help rescue the Belugas. Let’s hope they can help these struggling whales get to safe waters.

Image Source: Brian Gratwicke/Flickr