Some days, we may find ourselves irritated by our furry household companions, particularly when they refuse to stop barking or meowing or are just being flat-out stubborn. However, putting these hopefully rare days aside, there are actually a number of things we can learn from our dear four-legged companions.

For one, they see every day and even every moment as a bright, new opportunity to cherish and enjoy. Additionally, they find great pleasure in the most seemingly mundane activities and find happiness in nearly any place they venture to – whether it be the backyard or just the family room sofa.


Internet feline star, Shironeko, embraces life with the same great joy as other companion animals, yet he has become a fan favorite because of the delighted expression he wears in every photograph – it’s as if he’s saying, “I am happy just the way I am!”

Indeed, Shironeko, who has been deemed the “Zen Cat” and whose adorable photos you can see below, can serve to teach us how to enjoy each and every day – something us, humans, often forget with all the errands, deadlines, and other engagements. When you find yourself rushing through life, take a moment to remember Shironeko and think – “What would Shironeko do?” – then proceed to do what you need to in order to see the day in a brighter light.

Find more cute photos of Shironeko on Facebook and on the Kangoneko Shiro blog.

All images: Shironeko