This incredible video by the Origami Whales Project must be seen to be believed … and is almost guaranteed to move you to tears. It begins with a woman holding up signs recounting what happened to Lolita, the captive orca, on Aug. 8, 1970 – the date of her capture – and how she has lived ever since. The story that the woman tells through the use of simple signs allows viewers to empathize with what happened to this poor animal so many years ago to understand her current plight.

Lolita has lived in captivity at Miami Seaquarium for over forty years and since her companion Hugo died in 1980, she has been all alone. This sort of solitary life is miserable for highly intelligent and social animal like an orca. Animal activists have been fighting for Lolita’s freedom for decades to no avail. However, recently, she was granted endangered species protections so there is hope that she will one day be allowed to rejoin the other members of her pod in the wild.


At the end of this video, heartbreaking clips of Lolita’s capture are played reminding us exactly why she needs to be freed from her hell as soon as possible. You can help her today by visiting the Origami Whales Project’s campaign page, 16,425 Days a Slave, where you can find out how to send a letter to Palace Entertainment, the owners of Miami Seaquarium, calling for Lolita to be retired to a sea pen.