Meet Anya, a shelter dog at Animal Welfare League NSW. This friendly baby wags her tail excitedly every time a person approaches her. It’s a heartwarming sight to behold.

Anya is an active, super playful dog who enjoys the company of other dogs and performing tricks. She’s a Cattle-Staffie mix who has been awaiting adoption for months. It’s a wonder how such a beautiful, loving dog could be waiting for so long … but, unfortunately, this is the case with far too many shelter dogs.


There are many misconceptions about shelter dogs, some inaccurate and others complete lies. There’s also a general, mainstream lack of awareness about the realities of breeding and what happens behind the scenes at stores that sell animals. None of it is good but the truth is hard to get out there, and, sometimes, even harder for people to accept. Bottom line is, dogs like Anya wouldn’t have so much trouble if people weren’t shopping for dogs online and in stores.

If you or someone you know is interested, give Animal Welfare League NSW a call. Anya and countless other shelter dogs all over the world are waiting for homes. Adopting a shelter dog saves a life, so remember, adopt don’t shop.