One of the best things about having an animal is the bond that grows, knowing that another living creature depends on you for all of its daily needs. This is especially the case with dogs. Not only do they rely on us for food and shelter, but they also have evolved to depend on us for emotional support, as well. So when natural disasters strike, it is important to have a safety plan in place for the family pets, just in case you find yourself caught up in a serious situation.

Pet I.D. tags are the most important way to identify your pet. Make sure that they are up to date, with a recent phone number or email address. That way if anyone finds your pet, they can help them get back to their family. Another great way to plan is by setting up an animal disaster kit, which includes food, waste bags, medications, medical records, and photos of your pets, just in case. It may also be wise to call around to emergency shelters at the first sign of danger and find out which ones allow animals. For all of the difficulties that humans endure during these trying times, animals always fare far worse as they do not understand what is happening. Even in situations that leave very little time to prepare, the number one thing to remember is not to leave your pet if it can be avoided.


This is what happened when a pet parent in Texas stuck by his pup after a dangerous flood. The waters rose too quickly for the man and his dog to escape, but thankfully the police responded in time!

Carrying a hundred pound German Sheppard through waist deep waters is no easy feat. But lucky for this big fella, rescuers were determined to get both him and his hooman to safety.

These brave fellas were able to lower a firefighter in a harness down with a crane and pulleys.

He was able to make room for both the dog and the man, saving the day for all.

This friendly canine was so happy to be rescued that he thanked his rescuer with a big, sloppy kiss!

This heartwarming story is a beautiful example of the loyalty that exists between people and animals. Watch the whole rescue below: