Animal abandonment is one of those things that really gets to us. We cannot imagine, under any circumstance, why somebody would take on the responsibility of being the guardian to an animal only to abandon them when it is no longer convenient. It is a terrible thing to think about, but it is all too common. Because cats and dogs are our most beloved companions in the United States, they are typically the ones who suffer from pet homelessness and abandonment — would you believe that there are an estimated 70 million strays fending for themselves out there?

While cats and dogs are the most popular pets, other animals who have human guardians are not excluded from this problem. Take Sophie, the pig in the photos below, for example. Sophie the pig, along with two of her friends, once had a home, but were abandoned when their former caretaker moved away. Luckily, they were found by the Humane Society of Elkhart County in Indiana, who suspected that Sophie was pregnant and sent her to her new home at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio.


Who could have possibly looked at this pig and said, “see ya later”? Thank goodness this expecting mama is safe now.

Unfortunately, Sophie’s partner did not survive, but wherever he is, we hope he can rest easy knowing that his babies will grow up safe and sound.

The sanctuary really knows how to make a mama pig feel appreciated — but they probably should have given her more than one cupcake. After all, she’s eating for two (or more)!



Knowing that this expecting mama has survived trauma in her life, we’re so glad that she’ll get to have a safe delivery and even more excited that her babies will never have to know the pain their mother went through. We cannot wait for Sophie’s babies to arrive — and we hope the sanctuary posts plenty of photos on their Facebook page when the time comes. We’ll be waiting. Until then, you can check out Sophie’s baby registry on Amazon.

To learn more about Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, visit their official website.


Lead image source: Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary/Facebook