Meet Jellybean. Like countless other calves, this sweet boy was torn away from his mother when he was just a few days old and put up for sale. Stuck alone in a sea of other baby cows at auction, Jellybean contracted a nasty bacterial disease and became very sick. But fortunately, his streak of bad luck came to an end when a sanctuary called Goats of Anarchy stepped in to rescue him.

The adorable Jellybean is now getting the special care he needs at the sanctuary, and he has been saved from being exploited in a factory and eventually slaughtered. Once he’s healthy again, he’ll go live with his forever family — people who will treat him as a beloved animal, not an opportunity to make a profit.


In the meantime, this poor baby has to be kept in quarantine to make sure he doesn’t pass along his illness to other animals or people. Plus, he still misses his mother who he was stolen from at birth. To offer him some comfort while he gets better, sweet people are sending him stuffed animals to cuddle with! As you can see in the video, he absolutely loves them. How heartwarming is that?!

Despite being ripped apart from his mom and contracting an unpleasant sickness, Jellybean is still one of the lucky ones. While he will get to spend the rest of his days playing and relaxing with a loving family that cares about his well-being, the other male calves who were auctioned off are fated to be chained up and, eventually, brutally slaughtered for their meat.

And as for Jellybean’s mother, she is still out there hooked up to a machine that sucks out her milk and grieving the loss of the calves she has had taken away from her. Once she is no longer able to produce milk, she, too, will be slaughtered.

If the idea of precious cows and other innocent creatures being tortured just so we can have dairy and meat products upsets you, we encourage you to help put an end to this cruel process by reducing your personal consumption of animal-sourced foods.