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When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was brought in to help a severely neglected puppy who had been abandoned, they knew that there would be a long road ahead if the little one was to survive. Starla, the little fighter, was immediately rushed by the rescuers to the Vet Hospital for treatment and further examination. “It’s a miracle she’s alive at this point,” the rescuers wrote. They are now doing everything they can to stabilize her and give her a chance at a better life.

Starla had what the rescuers call the worst case of mange they have ever seen. She looks more like a statue than a fuzzy puppy.


The vets discovered her spine was cracked in two places. The injury means that every time she moves, the cracked vertebrae rub together and cause her “excruciating pain.”

The veterinarian believes she was kicked … hard.

Although Starla is just six months old, her teeth look like she is a five-year-old dog. “Starla has been suffering and in pain for a very long time,” her rescuers write. “This is beyond sad to witness and to have to comprehend,” they say.


At the moment, Starla is on “heavy duty” pain medication and she will remain under the care of the rescue’s Texas vet partner. Once she is stable enough, she will be transported to New York where she will be seen by a specialist and will most likely need surgery on her spine.

The puppy needs and deserves the best medical care which will include the indispensable surgery – but to get that, the rescue will need thousands of dollars which they do not yet have.

You can help save Starla by making a donation via the rescue’s website or PayPal.

To learn more about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, click here.

All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook

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5 comments on “How Can People Do This?! Mange-Ridden Puppy Was Kicked So Hard Her Spine Cracked”

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25 Days ago


KatWrangler WELCH
27 Days ago

We\'ll probably never know what monster did this. But I believe there\'s a balance to our existence, and this POS has some serious Karma coming down the line. I hope when it happens he/she thinks about this poor pup, and I hope it hurts.
Woudln\'t it be nice if Hell did have a place for anyone who can hirt an innocent animal, or child, or senior.

Thank you to everyone who helped Starla heal, and to find that loving home all animals deserve.

Jovy Jergens
28 Days ago

Human beings, the most twisted and warped species to ever metastasize across the planet, have thankfully placed themselves (ourselves) on the fast track to extinction. Maybe the earth and its other denizens can finally breathe again. What sewer to you climb out of to be this cruel?

28 Days ago

People do this because they do not understand empathy, compassion, love and respect. They do not respect themselves, so they do not respect anything or anyone else either. It\'s why bullies "bully" and abusers "abuse", etc. I doubt this is the first incident of abuse committed by this person/persons. But I challenge them to quit feeling sorry for themselves and spend the rest of their lives making up for this particular crime of neglect and abuse. Quit listening to other people telling you that you are not worthy, quit being angry and cowardly, try being kind just once even. None of us requested birth. Neither did these animals, but all life, ALL LIFE is precious - yes, even yours..hopefully FORMER puppy abuser. Pay for this puppy\'s treatment, even if it has to be anonymous. Claim responsibility financially even if you cannot do so publicly. For the rest of humanity that does not mistreat people or animals, it would be a step in the right direction and I pray that something unlocks inside you so that you finally realize that YOU were that puppy to your abuser, so you should know it\'s not right regarding what happened.

28 Days ago

I will never understand how people can do these horrible things to an innocent (let alone,) PUPPY! If you do not want the animal, then take it to a non-kill shelter, and give it a chance to have a happy and healthy life, with plenty of love and caring. These are NOT PEOPLE; can\'t even call them animals, because animals do not mistreat OTHER animals! ANYONE who mistreats an animal, should have done to them, exactly what they did to that poor dog, cat, whatever the animal may be.
I have a Rat Terrier (Chihuahua, Dachshund) mix. I got her at a shelter, and the minute I saw her, I KNEW she was the one for me! I cannot say that I rescued her, because she actually rescued ME! She is a small ball of love. She craves love, and attention. I am more than happy to give it to her. Cannot play with her like I would love to, because I am wheelchair bound. But I believe she realizes that, and is just happy to have me love her. I do play with her as best I can, but wish it could be a whole lot more.


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