From oil spills in the gulf to landfills, human pollution has a habit of catching animals in the crossfire. Luckily for the animals, there are thousands of people and organizations that help clean up the messes that other people make. But it’s not just landfills and oil spills that hurt animals, every ounce of trash or forgotten plastic can end up hurting an animal nearby.

If you care about animals, you should take it upon yourself to help them when they’re in need – especially when another human is responsible. This video shows one policeman doing just that for a skunk.

Apparently, the skunk had a yogurt container stuck on its head. As cute as it sounds, it could have actually been deadly as the skunk was vulnerable to predators or could have caused a traffic accident. So the officer did what any true animal lover would do, he risked getting sprayed or scratched by a wild animal because he knew it needed help!

Remember, if you ever come across an animal like this skunk who is in need, be very cautious before approaching them – or, if the situation isn’t dire then take a few minutes to call Animal Control to handle the situation. But most important of all, make sure you dispose of your trash properly … you never know who it could hurt.