The epic amount of snow that much of the U.S. has faced this winter has given many a new understanding of how difficult blizzards can make life. When you wake up in the morning to find 10 feet of snow on the other side of your door, the smallest tasks can seem impossible. Forget about driving anywhere … or for some, even leaving your house. If you’ve been completely snowed-out this winter, then you could really use these two squirrels to help you find a positive side to all this wild weather.

These precious little squirrels, photographed by Vadim Turnov, are here to show you that snow isn’t all bad! A self-taught nature photographer, Turnov specializes in capturing images of insects and small creatures. To take these amazing photos, he left food out in a forest clearing near his home for the squirrels, set up his camera and documented the hilarious that proceeded.


Remember the times when you wished for a snow day, thinking of the fun and magic the blanket of white could bring? Playing in the snow and having snowball fights and building snowmen are some of the greatest joys of living in a colder climate. When you are suffering at the hands of Mother Nature’s winter fury, remember … it isn’t all bad!

Vadim Turnov stumbled upon two adorable squirrels having the time of their lives, playing in the snow.

The duo were enjoying frolicking in the snow, and even played some typical snow games.

They made plenty of snowballs.

So naturally, they had to have a snowball fight!

And built the perfect, squirrel-sized snowman.

The two played with nuts and acorns.

And stopped for a snack every now and then.

They certainly didn’t think of the snow as “bad weather.”

Rather, they enjoyed the winter wonderland, all the fun it provided!

These guys really understand the true beauty of the snow!

Although these photos are heart-warming and cute, we do not encourage our readers to feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife interferes with the balance between wildlife populations and their habitat and could lead them to be reliant on humans for survival, amongst other problems. If you find an animal in need, contact a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!

All image source: Vadim Turnov/500px