While the rescue of any animal is wonderful, it’s always so heartwarming to see displays of compassion for the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom – whether it be an insect, snake, or bat. All living things deserve respect and compassion, and that is just what these brave souls gave to a snake in need.

This poor viper was trapped in an underground water chamber, with no food or water, for possibly over a month according to his rescuers. The viper was clearly malnourished, suffering, and severely distressed. Though the viper is highly venomous, rescuers didn’t hesitate to provide the snake with desperately needed hydration. The snake showed no aggression and actually seemed thankful as he drank the water being poured from his rescuer’s water bottle.


It was an unforgettable moment to see the viper happily sidewind away. Rescuers believe he should make a full recovery within a week.