Being born with only two back legs has never slowed down Pancake the cat. Born into a litter with many other kittens who had all four legs intact, Pancake had a difficult time finding a forever home. Most people assumed that a kitten with two legs would be difficult to care for and didn’t bother to give Pancake a chance. That is until one woman heard about this little kitten and immediately agreed to adopt her.

Pancake has lived quite the extraordinary life ever since.


Pancake came to her new home when she was eight weeks old.

Pancake’s mom writes on Facebook, “She wasn’t very active. She spent most of her first week on her back, looking up at us. When I fed her I spoon fed her because she didn’t (wasn’t able to?) roll over to her tummy.”

Soon Pancake learned how to stand on her hind legs to eat … but sometimes she toppled over when she got too excited.

But she always got up and with time gained confidence and developed quite the personality.

Pancake’s mom explains that once the little kitten got up and started moving, she never stopped!

Like any other kitten, Pancake loves to attack feet, jump into bed with her mom, chase toys, and demand attention (although, with a face like that, she’s incredibly difficult to ignore).

Pancake loves to hit the catwalk with the season’s latest styles.

But she also appreciates the power of a good nap.

Nearly two years later, Pancake has grown to be a stunning, extremely confident little lady.

Proving that boundaries in life are only as big as we make them!

To follow Pancake and her adventures, like her Facebook page.

All image source: Pancake the Two Legged Cat/Facebook