It may be winter here in the United States, but on the other side of world, Australia is experiencing some serious brush fires during summer’s dry heat. The fires are not only a threat to local forests, but also to all of the animals who live there. Many kangaroos and other wildlife animals have been burned and severely injured in the fires. Luckily, veterinarians from the affected areas are stepping up to help save animals from the blaze, like this guy, Little Boy Blue.

Little Boy Blue was badly burned in the recent brush fires, even his tail got scorched, but thanks to the caring staff at Waroona Veterinary


Little Boy Blue is all bandaged and on his way to recovery thanks to this amazing vet team. 

After Little Boy Blue became a bit of an internet sensation, the clinic was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and donations to help care for the animals. The clinic has treated hundreds of animals suffering from smoke inhalation and burns, including joeys, galahs, chickens, sheep, goats, and alpacas. Many of these animals were left in the brush with no food, water. Some were even orphaned as their parents were killed in the flames.

Luckily, after seeing the work of this clinic, caring people have been bringing bags of food, bandages, and donations to help the animals, the clinic told 7 News Perth. So many people have done their part to help, that the clinic has now raised more than $7,000 to help care for the animals and says it now has all it needs to get their furry residents on the mend.

It’s clear that the clinic is overjoyed by the support of the community to help its joeys and other animals, and from the looks of it, it seems the animals are very happy too.

To learn more about the Waroona Veterinary Clinic , click here. You can also follow their rescues on Facebook.


Image source: Waroona Veterinary Clinic/Facebook