The marine conservation group, Oceana, released a report detailing the huge rise in plastic waste created by Amazon last year during the pandemic.

The online giant’s plastic waste output soared by almost a third, to 270,000 tonnes in 2020 as online orders took off. Oceana has estimated that up to 10,700 tonnes of this plastic will likely end up in the ocean, further polluting it.

Amazon rejected Oceana’s report, saying that the group has overestimated the plastic waste by 300%. Though they did not offer to show their own report on the waste produced in 2020.

Matt Littlejohn, Oceana’s senior vice-president, said, “We are using the best data available to us. If they were transparent, we would gladly use their data. Yes, they are using more non-plastic packaging, but they are also selling a ton more products. We understand people need Amazon. And so we’re hoping Amazon can fix this problem and become a leader in reducing plastic, which is really important for the oceans.”

The conservation group also concluded that the company’s recycling pledges would do very little to fix their waste problem. According to Oceana, Amazon produces so much more plastic and doesn’t control it enough to make a difference.

This comes as a disappointment as the retail giant has made so many claims about trying to be more environmentally conscious. However, their actions repeatedly state the opposite.

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