Think cows don’t have the refined musical tastes of humans? Think again! Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is showing us what happens when you add classical plus cow.  Cleveland-based musicians Amy Lee, Frank Rosenwein, and Joanna and Mike Zakany arrived by the pasture-side of cows Kayli, Maybelle, Mike and Maribeth and found some really fun results! In a true “Bovine meets Bach” moment, you’ll see just how these beautiful creatures respond. You might even get a little sing-a-long action if you pay attention closely!

We’ve found that animals of all kinds like to listen to and even play their own music — no matter how you play it, it seems many animals really like to get down with some tunes!


Does your companion have a musical ear? What funny or cute things do you see happening when you turn up the tunes? Be sure to share your own stories with us in the comments!