This golden retriever’s guardian knows that the only way to cure his dog’s blues is with a few licks of blues guitar.

You’ve never seen music appreciation like this before. Watch this dog’s frown turn into a giant grin as soon as his owner’s friend, Drew Arcoleo, starts picking a tune. He even bobs his head to the beat! And then see what happens each time he stops playing. Pretty dramatic stuff!


Too bad they don’t let dogs in most coffee shops; this guy would have a blast on open mic night. And he’s not alone: most dogs respond well to relaxing music like this. As with humans, it reduces stress and makes them feel settled. But this particular golden retriever‘s reaction is much more extreme than most, and that’s what makes this clip so special. How do you think he’d react to some punk? (Maybe that’s not such a good idea. My dogs never liked it much.)

Image source: Castle Vets Reading