There’s never really a day off at Wildlife Aid, a foundation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured, and orphaned animals. There’s always an animal out there that needs our help, and thus, Lucy Kells, a Wildlife Aid veterinary nurse, came in on her day off to help an injured mom badger.

Kells and her husband found the injured badger on the side of the road. Her chin had been grazed, which led Kells to believe she was hit by a car. She was also producing milk, so that meant her babies were out there to fend for themselves. The team needed to get the mom badger rehabilitated as soon as possible.

After two weeks of syringe feeding and care, mom badger was ready to be united with her cubs. Don’t worry about the babies though, a kind Samaritan fed them during this time. Watch as mom reunites with her cubs — after two weeks apart!

It’s always important to contact the right animal rescue hotline to help an animal in need. (But, remember, it’s best not to touch them or interfere until the professionals come on scene.) Here, at One Green Planet, we’ve made finding the right hotline easy for you with our Animal Rescue Hotlines directory.