Every dog parent goes through the struggles of leash training. Trying to get your energetic puppy to calmly walk and not pull or attempt to eat the leash can be difficult. If you live with a cat, however, the story is completely different.

You see, in a house run by cats (because let’s be real, we know who’s in charge), the roles are reversed. Cats don’t typically walk on leashes for their own sake, they walk on a leash to give their humans some exercise. Humans can be very lazy animals and if they aren’t properly leash trained, a cat has little hope of ever getting them to stop watching Netflix!


Good thing for cats everywhere, Kodi the kitten has laid out all the basic things a cat needs to know how to properly train their human. Everything from what to do if the human stops walking to send a text to making sure they know who’s boss is covered in this super informative video.

Thanks, Kodi! We can’t wait to get walking!