Celebrities love championing causes, which works out pretty well because of all the attention and money that comes with the whole “being famous” thing. Not only are they able to bring awareness about issues to a much larger audience, but many of them also choose to contribute millions of dollars to charities, setting up foundations and events all in the name of making positive change in the world.

For many celebs, those causes are related to the environment and endangered species. While some well-known denizens of Tinseltown volunteer their time with specific organizations to help out, such as Jared Leto or Prince William with WWF, others have foundations of their own. Leonardo DiCaprio is the founder of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which focuses on protecting the planet and wild places while Ian Somerhalder has the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, the goal of which is to inspire youth to take action for animals and the environment.


With so many celebs these days standing up for the planet and all of its inhabitants, it can be hard to keep straight which actor or actress counts elephants, tigers or the Amazon rainforest amongst their friends. Thankfully, The Guardian has made a handy-dandy graphic for us to take a look that not only connects celebs to the cause of their choice, but also, connects celebs to each other. It’s like “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” except with a shark or an elephant instead of the star of Footloose.

In a broader sense, this graphic also kind of demonstrates how interconnected we all are when it comes to animals and the planet. If habitats begin to disappear, that affects us all. From apex predators all the way down the food chain, if we are forced to say goodbye to the myriad of threatened species, we stand to lose incredible members of this earth, and we risk throwing our fragile ecosystem (in which we live irretrievably) out of balance. We’re grateful that these celebs care, because goodness knows we all should.


Behold, the web of awesome!

The Guardian


Lead Image Credit: Pinterest/Pinterest/Pop Sugar/Pop and On