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Have you ever forgotten your keys and had to wait outside in the freezing rain for someone to come let you in? It’s no fun. Now imagine waiting to be let inside for 15 years – through the rain, the snow, and the heat. This was the life of a poor dog who lived chained outside of his owners’ house for his entire life. Bear, a lab-chow mix, was taken in by his “guardians” to be an “outdoor dog.” They took that categorization all too literally and poor Bear was never allowed inside . . . for 15 years. That is until Robert Misseri, the founder Guardians of Rescue, heard about the pup and went to check out the scene.

When he arrived in the small town of Shirley, New Jersy, he was shocked. While he was making arrangements to rescue Bear, Misseri dropped off a new dog house for him and took him on a walk. Later that week, Misseri asked the family to surrender the dog and they did so within 24 hours.

Messeri and his team came with a big pair of bolt cutters and, after a brief struggle, they snapped Bear’s chains and the dog wagged his way over to rescuers for some much-deserved head scratches. Bear is currently living at Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue in Port Jefferson Station. Misseri says he is looking to find Bear a home with a nice elderly couple so that the old pup can live out the rest of his days in comfort – indoors.

Thankfully Bear has a roof over his head, but their millions of animals around the world that are still looking for their happy ending. If you notice an animal who is being mistreated, call your local rescue or shelter so that they can come and evaluate the situation. And remember, dogs can get cold just like people! It’s not enough to let dogs in your house, you need to prepare them with the proper equipment to whether the elements – just like a child.  Provide your puppy with snow boots for the winter and (if they don’t have a thick coat) a nice warm jacket. They can skip the hot cocoa after walks . . . save that for yourself.

To learn more about the Guardians of Rescue or make a donation to help support their rescue efforts, visit their website.

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john pasqua
11 Months Ago


Ruth Ludgater
1 Years Ago

Thank you Guardians of Rescue for freeing this dog and giving it the chance to live the life it truly deserves.

Chris Clare
1 Years Ago

http://www.onegreenplanet.org/author/sean_mccarthy @SeanMccarthy
You need to make a correction to this story. It didn\'t take place in Shirley, New Jersey - it took place in Shirley, New York (Long Island).

1 Years Ago

I cannot imagine leaving a dog or any animal tied up for 15 years, hell for even one day. i have 2 saints and they are inside dogs. i never leave them outside unless they want to stay there when its cool weather. but during the summer i go out with them and bring them in when they are done. saints have real thick and long fur and in the summer they get hot real quick. those people should be tied up in prison for that amount of time, someone throw them their food, let them sleep in their own feces, etc.

1 Years Ago

fake newws

Nick Wei
1 Years Ago

Do they really have to get the biker gang to do this? no offence but I could care less about seeing a bunch of white gang members on ty.

25 Jan 2017

You want to know why Trump won the election, cause of dumb ass people like Nick. Because white bikers do a good thing and free a dog, you wish to refer to them as white gang members. This racist, stupid thinking, and ignoring white people, is why the people are starting to fight back.

1 Years Ago

Article is misleading. The people took the dog for a walk earlier in the week before cutting the chain. So technically this article is not correct. Also I to saw a clip. So why cut the chain. Guess they were trying to make it seem more dramatic. Third how do they know it was on a chain for 15 years. Cause someone told them that. I am sure someone would have said something in that amount of time if the dog was being mistreated. Cause in the video the dog did not look like it was being mistreated.

1 Years Ago

I believe in an Eye for an Eye, does that give you a clue ? The owner should be chained and jailed

1 Years Ago

"but their millions of animals around the world ", should be "there are" not "their". So lame, and from someone who is supposed to be a writer. I guess all the writers now-a-days are really just wannabees, hacks with no real skill, just regurgitating the news from AP.

25 Jan 2017

Maybe it\'s just an error without noticing it....besides, what matters is to get the message across to readers. I\'ve seen worst! This is not about spelling. Just focus on the story

1 Years Ago

Did I miss something or was there a clip on the chain at the collar? Why all the struggle to use bolt cutters when they simply could have undone the clip? Anyway, was glad to see this sweet dog was rescued.


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