If you ever happen to find yourself looking for trend videos, photos, or posts, usually there is one subject that you’ll see pop up over and over again: cats.

Cats are Internet stars, and for good reason – they’re either silly and adorable beyond measure, or totally indifferent to the point of ridiculousness. And at any stage, they are good “blank slates” for headlines and commentary, making any cat-related content all the more enjoyable.

As a result, here at OGP, we can’t resist cat videos (or dog, or horse, or fox videos), and this is one reason why we fell in love with the video below, featuring an adorable little kitty and a beautiful big white dog.

At first, the pair seem like good friends, and perhaps, they are, but as the video unfolds, the dog named Navarro becomes increasingly less tolerant of Iben (the eight-week-old cat).

What takes place over the next minute and a half-long clip is hilariously adorable, and we need not tell you any more for you to go ahead and hit “play.” Enjoy!

Image source: Shanti / YouTube