A family in Lancashire, England, were recently astounded when their missing cat, Charlie, found his way back to them by simply boarding a train … and even getting off at the right stop! Guardian Kinder Kaur and her family had moved to their home town of Accrington in April of this year … and when thirteen-year-old Charlie went missing for two weeks earlier this month, they all feared that he would not be able to find his way back.

However, rail staff were amazed to see him board a busy commuter train in nearby Colne last week, then stay on it for half an hour before getting off at Accrington, the correct stop. A passenger called local rescue center, East Lancashire Cats (ELC), to report the sighting. This set in motion a bizarre set of coincidences that ended very happily for all involved!


Andy Richards from ELC was shocked to hear about it, and said: “I couldn’t believe it but I went to have a look and sure enough he was just (sitting) there on the platform … We took Charlie in and he turned out to be microchipped, which is very rare for a stray cat, and when we checked it suggested he belonged to an address in Warrington, but when I rang the phone number it said it was out of service. I then posted a photo on Facebook and amazingly a friend from the center who re-homed Charlie recognized him and put me in touch with the owner … It’s bizarre … I just don’t know how (Charlie) got off at Accrington. They say cats have an amazing homing sense but I’ve never known this before.”

Charlie’s family were thrilled to have him back safe and sound. Kaur said, “We were starting to think he might be something of a wanderer, but it’s unbelievable to think he might have gone so far. He’s a friendly cat. He’s very laid back. We’ve got another cat called Billy so we were thinking maybe he didn’t like sharing the attention, but he’s settled back home fine.”

Luckily, Charlie appears not to have suffered during his escapade. Here he is in the arms of loving family member Kelly MacDonald!


As for the reason behind his mystery disappearance? Kaur joked that he may have simply needed some time alone to deal with a mid-life crisis! Let’s hope he doesn’t run off again.


Image source: Lancashire Telegraph