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It’s hard to imagine that anyone could confine a sweet, floppy-eared Beagle in a cage and put it through an immense amount of pain and suffering, yet animal experimenters around the world seem to have no remorse about doing so.

Maria, a 10-year-old Beagle, is one of the many victims of cruel animal testing. Caged up at a laboratory in China, Maria spent her entire life being treated like an object rather than a living thing. She was forcibly bred over and over again to bring more puppies into the disgusting world of animal testing, and the abuse and neglect she endured left her totally blind and with a serious case of PTSD.

Fortunately, Maria got the happy ending that most laboratory animals don’t. When the Rescue + Freedom Project heard about Maria’s circumstances, they were determined to rescue her from the lab no matter what it took. After a long and arduous process, volunteers from the organization were finally able to save Maria and five other Beagles from their deplorable lives in the Chinese lab.

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At the time, Maria was pregnant, so she had to spend some time in a foster home in China until she gave birth and her puppies were old enough to travel to the U.S. with her. Maria had eight adorable puppies, and half of them were adopted out to forever homes in China.

The other four boarded a plane with their mom and made their journey to the U.S.

Since arriving in the U.S., these adorable rescue pups are now enjoying a carefree life and looking for loving homes! Maria is also in search of a patient, compassionate person or family who will love and care for her for the rest of her days.


If you or someone you know is equipped to give these sweet laboratory survivors the care they need and deserve, please consider applying to adopt or foster on the Rescue + Freedom Project website. And even if you can’t take in one of these precious dogs, you can still Support the wonderful work that Rescue + Freedom Project is doing by donating to their organization. Your donation will help volunteers continue rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need like Maria and her puppies!

Image Source: Rescue + Freedom Project/Facebook