Dololo began his journey to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) thanks to a call from locals to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). They spotted the 18-month old calf in the Mzee Kirema dam outside of Tsavo East National Park and reported they had seen a herd nearby the previous night. When rangers arrived at the location, it was a heartbreaking scene. Dololo was all alone, submerged in the muddy water with only his snout peeking out for air. KWS rangers transported the baby elephant to their closest camp and called DSWT for help.

Dololo was airlifted to the DSWT nursery to begin his life-saving medical care which included treatment for heat exhaustion, eye infections, and parasites. Rescuers believe that Dololo’s herd ran into trouble during the night when the little elephant entered the dam. Unfortunately, the land in that area (including in the dam) is very difficult to walk on, which meant Dololo was unable to stand up or escape after falling. The herd was forced to leave him not only because of the conditions of the land but also because it was a community area. Fortunately, Dololo’s unlucky circumstances have taken a turn for the better thanks to the efforts of community members, KWS, and DWST.


After a month, Dololo’s caretakers reported that he improved by leaps and bounds. Even though he was feeling so much better, Dololo needed continuous care like so many other orphans who call DSWT home. From medical care, milk, food, and more, you can help provide for this sweet boy by fostering him or other animals at DSWT.

The DSWT is dedicated to the rescue, protection, and conservation of the wildlife in Kenya. They also play a huge role in the fight against poaching with their own anti-poaching teams and community outreach programs. To learn more about DSWT and make a donation, click here.