We love animals just as if they were our own children, and any pet guardian can attest to the strong bond we form with our pet babies. We humans like to give children a place to play in the house, like their colorful and imaginative bedroom, or better yet, an awesome playroom. Of course, we feel the same way about our animals!

These shelters and playhouses are the result of 14 different architecture offices who were commissioned to each design a cat shelter for the event, “Giving Shelter,” which was held this month by the national organization Architects for Animals. The non-profit is dedicated to humane trap-neuter-return practices for homeless and stray cats. Now, we see the possibilities for play structures for our felines are endless! Boxes are cool and all, but these designs will make any cat feel special.



These structures feature plenty of room for the cats to hide and crouch inside of small spaces and crevices.

“Is this all mine? Awesome!”


This one has plenty of levels for the cats to jump and move about. These cats must have had so much fun leaping from one plane to the next.


“I’m the king of the castle!”

“Oh, so this is what I do with this thing, it’s a tunnel all for me!”

This has similar qualities to some modern art pieces we have seen, but we are glad this one is also functional for our furry friends.

This shelter doubles a giant cat toy; our cats would love playing with those blue threads.


How cool and colorful!

Here are some more bright colors to attract your feline.

These cats must have got pretty excited when they saw this piece, similar to how a child would get excited over the Playland at the mall or the sets at the park!



Images’ source: Designboom