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Popular as a comforting drink and health elixir, matcha is likely part of your daily life if you’re a Green Monster. Did you know, however, that this amazing green powder can also do wonders for your skin? In a skincare world oversaturated with chemical-filled and animal-tested products, that’s good news if you ask us!

From acne cream to anti-aging serum, matcha is an all-around great natural alternative thanks to its numerous antioxidant and beneficial plant compounds. What’s more? Including it in your beauty routine requires very little time and effort to see the benefits of matcha. A hassle-free skincare product that’s already in your cupboard and doubles as a delicious drink? It doesn’t get better than this!

Want to know more about how this trendy powder can positively impact your health from the inside and out? Here is everything you need to know about the hidden benefits of matcha, including some easy DIYs and recipes from the Food Monster App:

What is Matcha

Part of Japanese culture since the 12th century, matcha is made up of the naturally dried and crushed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, also used to produce all types of tea commonly enjoyed. However, contrary to regular teas such as green tea, oolong, or even white tea, matcha is never heated and its minimal processing means its nutrient and antioxidant content is better preserved. Hence the immense health benefits matcha can boast.

Indeed, consuming whole tea leaves rather than steeping them like in regular tea has been shown to improve heart health, boost the immune system by fighting free-radicals, and reduce cancer risk.

While these are more than enough reasons to consume this delicious powder with a rich and earthy flavor, it also has the bonus of helping our complexion to give us that healthy glow.

Skin Benefits of Matcha

Ever wonder why matcha is such a vibrant green? That’s thanks to the high amount of chlorophyll it contains. These natural plant compounds are essential for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction in which sunlight is transformed into energy. Interestingly enough, chlorophyll can protect our skin from sun damage and reduce photo-aging, which means fewer wrinkles and sunspots. Chlorophyll also protects our skin by shielding it from impurities and chemicals in our environment that could clog our pores.

Another important compound found in matcha, epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG for short, gives the powder great anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that help with acne prone skin as well. Aside from its benefits on blemishes, this antioxidant promotes smoother and more supple skin due to its ability to rejuvenate skin cells and Support skin structure.

Thought that was it? Incredibly enough, matcha also has the power to reduce puffiness, skin inflammation, and dark under-eye circles because of its high vitamin K content, a vitamin that promotes better blood circulation.

How to Include Matcha in Your Beauty Routine

For a powder with such immense benefits for your skin, matcha is incredibly easy to use, and making it part of your beauty regimen is a breeze, no matter what purpose you give it. Here’s a list of five ways to use matcha to benefit your skin:

1. Try using matcha as a toner — simply mix the powder with some water and an essential oil of your choice in a spray bottle — or using it as a mask or face scrub.

2. Want to exfoliate? Try mixing one tablespoon of matcha, one quarter cup of coconut oil, and around three quarters of a cup of organic white sugar to make a natural face scrub that will help you get rid of impurities.

3. For a quick pore cleansing mask, we suggest mixing one and a half tablespoon of clay, a half to a quarter of a teaspoon of matcha powder with a tablespoon of water.

4. If you’re suffering from dry and irritated skin (hello winter!), simply mixing equal parts matcha powder with coconut oil will create an easy mask that is sure to soothe and revitalize your complexion.

5. Acne prone skin? Make yourself an antibacterial mask by mixing one tablespoon of matcha powder with some lemongrass oil. Aside from killing acne-causing bacteria, this mask will also help heal existing scars.

As you see, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using matcha as a skincare product.

Delicious drink, health booster, and now beauty product ingredient, it’s safe to say that matcha is here to stay! How do you feel about this trendy green powder? Will you be adding it to your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments about any other benefits of matcha that you know!

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