Whales are meant to be in the wild, not in water-filled concrete tanks on land. These majestic creatures share the ocean with so many other wonderful marine animals that have been affected by human actions.

Orcas and belugas are among the marine animals we have abused most. We round them up, snatch them from their families, and imprison them in small tanks. In the wild, orcas can travel some 100 miles per day and, trapping them in small pools, does not equate to the amount of stimulation and exercise they would receive otherwise.

These animals belong in nature, and if we’re lucky enough, we can experience them for how they should be. If not, we can always watch these amazing animals on camera. Thank goodness for technology! Watch the above video to see how a group of kayakers get a once in a lifetime chance to see a pod of 13 orcas swim with them in New Zealand!

For other amazing wild whale encounters, check out the ones below:

Orca Whale Watching in Vancouver Island, Canada

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Up-Close Encounter with a 45-Foot-Long Right Whale

Orca Encounter in Mexico


Image source: Whit Welles/Flickr