Who says a little love and affection isn’t the best medicine of all?! Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue is here today with a happy story in the form of a before-and-after that is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Poor little Chance was rushed to the Dream Fetcher’s hospital after he was found in an awful hoarding situation. This poor little pup cried for most of the journey, sounding as though he would never be consoled again. He was among 30 dogs who had been left in the most awful of conditions, with a wound to his leg and what appeared to be a large bite to his neck.

Poor Chance can be heard crying his heart out all the way to the hospital; be careful, because we’re fairly sure you will too once you press play!

Here is Chance after he received the vital medical care needed to help him recover.

Chance is a beautifully behaved little boy, who, despite his obvious distress, wagged his tail the whole time for his caretakers.

Here he is, looking healthier but still with such a sad face.

But we promised you something happy! Here is the beautiful little Chance after just five minutes of love and affection in his foster home, where he will be nursed back to health.

Hoarded dogs become more susceptible to picking up diseases from the other dogs crammed in with them, as well as being at risk of being attacked by other dogs who are just as nervous and frightened as they are themselves. Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue is dedicated to providing unconditional love to dogs like Chance, ensuring they get the medical attention they need and the foster homes they deserve until they are adopted. If you are interested in knowing more or want to donate towards Chance’s medical costs, please visit their Facebook page.

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All Image Source: Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue / Suzette Hall