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10 Products That are Helping Endangered Animals

Image Source: Schristia/Flickr

Animals share this planet with humans, yet thousands of species are dying off for many reasons–and most of those reasons, unfortunately, are because of humans.

Deforestation, poaching and other harmful practices threaten the lives of thousands of animals throughout the world. Poachers kill elephants for their ivory, pandas have lost their habitats because of deforestation, and climate change from the combustion of fossil fuels has threatened the habitats of polar bears. If people keep this up, most, if not all, of the endangered animals in this world will go extinct. Earth’s biodiversity is threatened more than ever before.

But there is a bright side–there are plenty of organizations that are constantly working to improve conditions for these animals so that they don’t die off. World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Defenders of Wildlife and more all support endangered species and start lots of projects and conservation efforts.

And companies have taken a stand, too. There are many products out there that support and benefit these organizations by donating portions of proceeds to them, and we’ve got a list of 10 of our favorites just for you!

1. Endangered Species Chocolate


Endangered Species Chocolate is perhaps the sweetest product out there! It’s a line of natural and organic dark chocolate bars that combine ingredients such as goji berries, pecans, maca, espresso beans, almonds and more to create unique and delicious flavors. But in addition to that, 10 percent of proceeds from every purchase are donated to help and support endangered animals. Plus there’s information about each threatened species featured on the package to help further educate you on the plight to save them from disappearing forever.