There is no denying it: dogs are awesome. Dogs make us laugh, comfort us when we cry and bring us joy, they also have the incredible ability to show compassion and unconditional love. These animals aim to please and their desire to nurture and comfort extends to all people – even the smallest newborn baby. Countless dog lovers can attest to how caring their four-legged BFFs are towards their small children. This touching story further proves the lengths that dogs will go to to protect little ones – even if the child is not part of their adopted family.

A seven-day-old baby was recently abandoned in Purulia, India but got rescued thanks to the action of four stray dogs. According to a report in the Times of India, the child was left in a cluster of bushes and the dogs had stepped in to protect the little one by chasing crows away and standing watch over her. While it is unknown how long the dogs were watching the infant, they stayed by her side up until she was discovered by a local school teacher, Ulhas Chowdhury.


Chowdhury heard the baby’s cry as he was walking to work and began looking in the bushes when he saw the four dogs lovingly guarding the baby girl. When the dogs saw him approach the baby, they started barking and then came to sit by the child with their tails wagging. Once he saw it was indeed a child, Chowdhury called upon his neighbors who contacted the local authorities. Chowdhury’s neighbor, Parveen Sen quickly gave the baby some milk, not knowing how long she had been left outside. While they were waiting for the authorities to arrive, the baby was taken to Chowdhury’s residence and the Times of India reports that the dogs followed them all the way there.

The police have since taken custody of the baby and she has been admitted to the newborn special care unit. Doctors have confirmed that she is seven to ten days old and weighs about 6.17 pounds. She has signs of jaundice but Dr Shibshankar Mahato said that is nothing to fear. Chowdhury named the baby Sania because she was rescued on a Saturday and once she is released from the hospital, Sania will be taken to a state-run adoption center.

If it weren’t for those four stray dogs who refused to leave Sania’s side, she likely would not have made it. We certainly hope locals are showering these loyal pups with lots of love and treats for their job well done!

Image Source: Times of India