There are tons of candies on the market today. Whether you go to a specialty candy store or a bodega, you are likely to be met with row upon row of vibrantly colored sweets, chocolates, and treats. Unfortunately, to get a bright color and the strong sweet taste, many companies will use artificial colors, flavors, as well as regular white sugar or its highly processed cousin, high fructose corn syrup. In the past, if you wanted to enjoy a candy, chocolate, or treat with natural sugars, you had to make it yourself. But nowadays, you can find naturally-sweetened products all over! Companies are now using ingredients like coconut sugar, sorbitol, agave nectar, xylitol, evaporated cane juice, or just plain ol’ fruit juices, to give their products the nice saccharine flavor people have been accustomed to expect from commercial sweets. In fact, these products have become so popular, that you can even find them online. Here are 15 naturally-sweetened products you can buy online right now!


  1. Nana’s Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Finding a guilt-free chocolate chip cookie is pretty much a dessert lover’s dream, and according to reviews, it seems like Nana’s Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies come pretty close! They are made primarily from organic oat flour and barley flour and in addition to being wheat-free and gluten-free, these cookies do not have any hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, GMOs, or refined sugars. Instead, Nana’s uses fruit juice to give their product a sweet taste, as well as vegan chocolate chips. Reviewers are reporting that these cookies are “extremely” soft, very moist, and a great option for those with dietary restrictions and preferences. Just beware, as one Amazon reviewer points out, these cookies are very large, and the package actually counts the cookie as two servings, for a total of 420 calories. You can get a pack of 12 for about $24.

  2. YumEarth Lollipops

    Lollipops may just be the most fun candy to eat. And things get even more enjoyable when it’s a healthy lollipop. YumEarth Organic Pops are 100 percent organic, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free. They also stray from artificial colors and flavors, as well as high fructose corn syrup. Instead, YumEarth opts for real fruit juices including grape, strawberry, blueberry, mango, watermelon, pomegranate, and apple and a bit of evaporated cane juice. Reviewers report that these lollies are high-quality, natural-tasting, and a moderately healthy choice considering three lollipops are only 70 calories. You can get one 12.3-ounce bag for a little under $6.50.

  3. Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

    Have you been waiting for a company to come out with dairy-free caramels? Well, it has finally happened. JJ’s Sweet Cocomels are an award-winning caramel candy made from combining coconut milk with brown syrup, coconut palm sugar, sea salt, and vanilla extract.  They are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and corn syrup-free. This product has won several awards and looking at the reviews, you can see why. Amazon reviewers describe these caramels as “amazing” and “incredibly textured.” One reviewer even specifically gives props to the company for using coconut sugar, stating that it can be difficult to find a product that is vegan, gluten-free, and uses natural sweeteners. Just be sure not to refrigerate them. As one reviewer points out, this can make the caramels very hard and may even cause some tooth problems. You can try two 3.5-ounce bags for $13.

  4. Hail Merry Miracle Tart

    Hail Merry Miracle Tart is a chocolate treat made from 70 percent fair trade dark chocolate, coconut oil, dark amber maple syrup, sea salt, and almond flour and coconut flour for the cookie crust. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo. Reviewers are describing this tart as guiltless, satisfying, and minimalist (due to the short list of high-quality ingredients). Hail Merry suggests adding fruit on top of the tart, or you can smear on some peanut butter, as one reviewer did. You can get eight three-ounce tarts for $55.

  5. Sour Apple Ice Chips

    Sour Apple Ice Chips is a birchwood xylitol-based product with added natural flavors, in this case, lemon, berries, and orange. As the Ice Chips company relays, xylitol is a natural sweetener that is actually found in the fiber of many fruits and vegetables. As the company’s website explains, the birchwood xylitol in ice chips do wonders for teeth health, including strengthening them, reducing new decay, reducing bacteria, and stimulating saliva flow. And by the looks of the reviews, they’re spot on! Reviewers report that this product helped with dry mouth, was recommended to them by dentists, and were very refreshing. To test these out yourself, you can get a six-pack (two of each flavor) for about $25.

  6. Surfs Sweets Sour Gummy Bears

    People who do not eat gelatin for religious or dietary reasons know that gummy bears are pretty much number one on the do-not-eat candy list. That is unless you’re eating Surf Sweets Gummy Bears. These candies are 100 percent vegan, free from the top allergens, and are non-GMO. They also contain no artificial flavors or colors and are instead sweetened with evaporated cane juice. Reviewers are reporting that these gummy bears are a healthy alternative to typical, have a nice sour flavor and then turn sweet, and tastes “real” and fresh. You can get a pack of 12 2.75-ounce bags for $20.

  7. Go Naturally Ginger Xtreme Hard Candies

    If you’re a ginger lover, you need to try Go Naturally Ginger Xtreme Hard Candies. They are made from organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, organic ginger powder, natural ginger oil, and organic cayenne powder. They are also gluten-free. Reviewers are reporting that these candies are tasty and have an amazing flavor. Just beware, apparently these have a pretty spicy bite! You can get one 3.5-ounce bag for about $7.

  8. Amore Di Mona Luxury Dark Chocolate

    The Amore Di Mona Luxury Chocolate Set comes with three different bars: Dark Chocolate, Caramela, and Caramela With Cherries. These bars are made with fair trade organic Dutch coca butter, raw organic agave nectar, and depending on the flavor, whole ground vanilla bean and sulfite-free cherries. According to Amore Di Mona, these chocolates are suitable for almost all diet types, including vegan, diabetic, and celiac. Reviewers are reporting that these are “fantastic” and make for a lovely gift since they are packaged so nicely. To try them out for yourself, or to buy them as a gift, you can get this box of three bars for $11.50.

  9. Panda All Natural Raspberry Licorice

    Raspberry licorice is a candy classic. While many companies use artificial dyes and sugars to get a bright flavor and color, Panda All Natural Raspberry Licorice uses just six simple ingredients. These treats are made from molasses, wheat flour, raspberry purée, citric acid, natural flavor, and licorice extract. Reviewers are saying that this licorice is addicting, has a nice, fruity flavor, and since they take long to dissolve in your mouth, they last a while. One reviewer did point out, however, that because of the inclusion of wheat flour in this product, it may be a little grainier than traditional licorice candy. To try it out for yourself, you can get one seven-ounce bag for $6.

  10. Cracked Candy

    Cracked Candy may seem like an odd name at first, but once you take a look at this sugar-free treat, you will understand why. Cracked Candy is a xylitol-based candy that look like broken shards of ice-snow. Similar to other candies made from just xylitol, this product is safe for vegans and diabetics and may even help the health of teeth. Reviewers are reporting that this is a perfect sugar-free candy option and adequately satisfies sweet tooth cravings. This bulk purchase gets you two tins of each flavor – lemon, peppermint, orange, and cinnamon – for $40.

  11. Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons

    Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons are made from a mixture of the following organic ingredients: shredded coconut, maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, Madagascar vanilla, and Celtic sea salt. Like the rest of Hail Merry’s products, these gluten-free macaroons are 100 percent vegan, and are dehydrated at low temperatures to keep the nutrients intact. Hail Merry suggests enjoying these treats at room temperature. Reviewers are reporting that these macaroons have a “mellow sweetness,” are “melty and rich,” and are a delightful healthy option to the usual sugar-laden coconut favorite. You can get eight bags for about $50 (each bag has eight macaroons).

  12. Nutiva O’Coconut Treats

    Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ignore all of your sweet cravings (if that’s even possible…) Nutiva O’Coconut Treats are the prime example of the kind of treat that you can still enjoy even if you’re trying to eat healthy. They are lightly sweetened with coconut flakes, have the smoothness and nourishment from coconut oil, and enjoy a nutty burst of flavor from hemp and chia. They’re also individually wrapped so that you can just grab one for the road. Reviewers are reporting that these bite-sized treats are soft, perfect for coconut lovers, and satisfying (even if you just have one). You can get one package of eight pieces for $5.50.

  13. Eda’s Sugar-Free Sour Hard Candies

    Eda’s Sugar-Free Sour Hard Candies trades in traditional cane sugar for sorbitol. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol which has been shown to metabolize slowly in the body. Each one of Eda’s candies is eight calories each. Reviewers are raving about these candies, praising them for their tart, sour flavor, the variety present in each bag, and that the delivery came very quickly. It is worth noting however, that while Eda’s uses a natural sweetener, they use a mix of artificial and natural colorings for the candies. If you’d still like to give them a shot, you can get a one pound bag for about $8.75.

  14. Dr John’s Inspired Sweets Lollipops

    Dr. John’s Inspired Sweets Lollipops are candies sweetened from xylitol. They are whimsically tooth-shaped to highlight the fact that xylitol can be beneficial for teeth health. In addition to xylitol, they are flavored with polyglucitol which is a type of natural sugar alcohol. They are also given their unique, individual flavors from natural extracts including, purple carrot, blueberry, spirulina, pumpkin, carrot, turmeric, cherry, and hibiscus. Reviewers report that these lollipops are tasty, come in a wide variety of unique flavors, and are great for giving to children if you’re concerned about them getting cavities.

  15. Lulu’s Maca Butter Cups

    Lulu’s Maca Butter Cups are raw, organic, fair trade, soy-free, and gluten-free chocolates. The cups themselves are made from 78 percent cacao, the filling is a mixture of maca and creamy almond butter, and they are also sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. Reviewers are saying that these cups are “exquisite,” “are unmatched in terms of health,” and one reviewer even said this was the “best chocolate they ever had.” Many reviewers are commenting that these cups are quite expensive, given the size, but that the price is somewhat understandable considering the high-quality ingredients. You can get a pack with two cups, for $6.00.

    Lead image source: Africa Studio/Shutterstock