There are tons of candies on the market today. Whether you go to a specialty candy store or a bodega, you are likely to be met with row upon row of vibrantly colored sweets, chocolates, and treats. Unfortunately, to get a bright color and the strong sweet taste, many companies will use artificial colors, flavors, as well as regular white sugar or its highly processed cousin, high fructose corn syrup. In the past, if you wanted to enjoy a candy, chocolate, or treat with natural sugars, you had to make it yourself. But nowadays, you can find naturally-sweetened products all over! Companies are now using ingredients like coconut sugar, sorbitol, agave nectar, xylitol, evaporated cane juice, or just plain ol’ fruit juices, to give their products the nice saccharine flavor people have been accustomed to expect from commercial sweets. In fact, these products have become so popular, that you can even find them online. Here are 15 naturally-sweetened products you can buy online right now!