By definition, granola is a type of breakfast cereal that typically consists of rolled oats, brown sugar or honey, nuts, and dried fruits. If you’ve grown up eating granola, you’re likely used to products with these ingredients and brands that boast about their whole grain-based mixes lightly sweetened with honey. While these products have their own benefits, there are many people nowadays who are trying to lower their consumption of grains when possible and others who want to eliminate grains like wheat, barely, rice, and ancient grains like millet and quinoa from their diets altogether. And since oats is often a main ingredient of the granolas available in grocery stores, this means looking for alternatives.

Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious granolas nowadays that not only fit these two criteria but are mighty tasty! And these products are so popular, you can even find these products online! Need to see it to believe it? No problem. Check out these 15 vegan and grain-free granolas you can buy right now!