You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like bananas. And that’s because bananas are bright, yellow gifts from nature. Whether they’re ripe or unripe, bananas provide us with fiber, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. They also have been found to help with many health issues including digestion, depression, diabetes, bone health, muscle cramps, and PMS. No wonder people in the U.S. eat bananas more than any other fruit!

While bananas are delicious on their own, with a bit of almond butter, or sliced on top of a bowl of oatmeal, nowadays there are much more creative ways to eat this wonderful fruit. There are banana chips, banana flours, freeze-dried banana chunks, and even chocolate-dipped bananas, for a healthy treat! And, since here, at One Green Planet, we’re major banana lovers, we rounded up all of these banana-based products for your convenience! Here are 15 we think you should try…right now.


  1. Nature’s Kindness Dried Bananas

    Bananas are a great healthy snack for grabbing on the go. The only problem is eating it before it spoils in your bag. That is unless you have Nature’s Kindness Dried Bananas. This 1.1-pound bag contains 25 individually-wrapped bananas that have been dried naturally in a solar dome. According to Nature’s Kindness, this drying process ensures that the bananas remain moist and soft inside, as opposed to crunchy like some other dried banana products on the market. Reviewers are reporting that these dried bananas are delicious, energizing, convenient, sweet, and soft (as marketed). You can get this 25-banana bag for $15.

  2. WEDO Banana Flour

    What if I told you that not only could you use bananas as a fruity ingredient in your cooking, but as a replacement for flour? You can! Currently the only flour of its kind on the market, WEDO Banana Flour takes unripe green bananas, dehydrates them, and then mills them into a virtually flavorless flour. In addition to being a grain, gluten, soy, and nut free replacement to wheat-based flour, this banana flour has a hefty amount of potassium, vitamins, and resistant starch. The $13 price tag may seem a bit high, but it’s worth noting that WEDO claims that you can use 30 percent less banana flour than suggested regular flour. The company also suggests using this flour for baked goods, as a thickener for soups, sauces, and gravies, or as a nutritional boost to smoothies or protein shakes. One user, in particular, commented that this flour makes the “perfect chocolate chip cookies.” That one you’ll have to see for yourself!

  3. Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry and Banana Fruit Pouches

    When it comes to eating fruits throughout the day, sometimes it’s nice to have a product you can eat on the go, with no mess. Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry and Banana Fruit Pouches, for instance, are a blend of organic banana purée, organic strawberry purée, and organic lemon juice concentrate in a BPA-free pouch. The squeezable pouch, cap, and the fact that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, makes it easy for you to start and stop snacking based on your own schedule. Reviewers are reporting that these pouches are delicious, healthy, and great for carrying around for when hunger randomly strikes. You can get a pack of 10 four-ounce pouches for a little more than $9.50.

  4. Health Warrior Banana Nut Chia Bar

    Packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber, and a fraction of the sugar of many bars, Health Warrior Banana Nut Chia Bars are one wholesome snack. Specifically, these gluten-free bars are made with white chia seeds, brown rice syrup, organic cashew butter, rolled oats, dried bananas, agave syrup, almonds, brown rice crisps, and a few other ingredients. Reviewers are reporting that these bars are tasty and energizing. It is worth noting, however, that these bars are only 0.88-ounces. Many reviewers feel that while this bar is made from quality ingredients, the bars are a bit tiny for the price. If you’d like to try them out for yourself, you can get a pack of 15 bars for $16.

  5. Sincerely Nuts Sweet Banana Chips

    Made with just a dash of sugar and coconut oil, Sincerely Nuts Sweet Banana Chips are a snack you can indulge in (virtually) guilt-free. Each 1.2-ounce serving has 180 calories, five grams of sugar, and one gram of protein. These chips are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Reviewers are reporting that these chips have a nice and light sweetness, are on the crunchy side and are a great addition to trail mixes. You can get one one-pound bag for $7.

  6. Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Banana Bags

    Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Banana Bags are a convenient snack to carry along and satisfy sweet cravings. Each 0.53-ounce bag contains just one ingredient: banana. Crispy Green uses a freeze-drying process which removes the water from the banana slices and leaves them with a light and crispy texture. Reviewers are reporting that these banana slices are very crispy, fresh-tasting, and are vibrant, unlike some other freeze-dried banana products. You can get a pack of 12 0.53-ounce bags for $14.

  7. Barnana Bites Variety Pack

    Pairing bananas with peanut butter or dark chocolate is a great snack that curbs your appetite and provides a hefty amount of nutrients. But don’t you sometimes wish there was an easier way to enjoy this snack on-the-go without the fear of a rotting banana? Well, with Barnana Bites Variety Pack, now there is. This raw, organic product contains bananas, soy lecithin, natural glaze, and then depending on the flavor in this variety pack, either coconut, peanut butter, or dark chocolate. Each serving (six pieces) provides 400 milligrams of potassium, 11 grams of fiber, and two grams of protein. Reviewers are raving about this product, saying that it’s deliciously addicting and perfect for breakfast or dessert.  You can get this four pack (one of each flavor) for about $18.

  8. Nubeleaf Banana Powder

    Nubeleaf Banana Powder makes getting nutrition from bananas easier than ever. This whole food powder is made from a single ingredient: bananas. That means no preservatives, additives, or fillers. Each serving (one tablespoon) contains 8 vitamins, one gram of dietary fiber, and just 35 calories. Nubeleaf recommends sprinkling this low-fat powder on oatmeal and cereal, blending it into juice and smoothies, baking into muffins, or using it as a dessert topping. Reviewers are saying that this powder is nourishing, tastes amazing and “just like fresh bananas,” and even works great as a sweetener. You can get one one-pound bag for 22.50.

  9. Pure Organic Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches

    Pure Organic Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches combines these two popular and sweet fruits for a fun, fruit leather-esque product. They are made primarily from apple purée, apple juice, banana purée, and strawberry juice. Each one of these “sandwiches” is a 3/4 serving of fruits and veggies. They are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. Reviewers are reporting that while these fruit bars are tiny in size, they are made from fairly wholesome ingredients, contain a decent amount of vitamin C and potassium, and are a great alternative to sugar-laden fruit gummies. You can get a pack of 20 0.63-ounce bars for $17.

  10. Just Tomatoes Just Bananas

    Like the rest of the company’s line, Just Tomatoes Just Bananas is a freeze-dried product that makes getting the 5-9 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables that much easier. This particular brand puts their freeze-dried bananas in a resealable bag so the snacking starts and stops whenever you want. They also do not add any preservatives or artificial flavors. Reviewers are reporting that these banana slices are fresh-tasting, healthy, and crunchy. Just beware, reviewers are saying that it’s very easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting and that you should make sure that the bag is well sealed after enjoying, otherwise the slices get moist and chewy. Some have even put the bag in a larger plastic bag to prevent this from happening. You can get a pack of 12 0.5-ounce bags for $12.75.

  11. Nature's Kindness Chocolate Dipped Bananas

    The only thing better than bananas are chocolate-dipped bananas. Nature’s Kindness Chocolate-Dipped Bananas makes this treat portable by individually wrapping each banana for easy, portable noshing. Since the bananas are dried using their solar dome process (essentially a green house that allows the sun to gently wick away the moisture) the banana inside of the chocolate encasing is soft and moist, not frosty and hard. Reviewers are saying that these bananas are yummy, filling, and at 70 calories per banana, a super healthy treat! You can get one 25-banana pack for a little under $20.

  12. Bare Natural Banana Chips Variety Pack

    This Bare Natural Banana Chips Variety Pack takes plain banana chips to the next level, offering flavors like cinnamon and cocoa, in addition to plain. These banana chips have no added sugar and are not cooked with any oil. Based on what flavor it is, it’s either made with just bananas, cinnamon, or unsweetened cocoa. Reviewers are reporting that these chips are crunchy, high-quality, and addicting, although a little expensive. To try them out yourself, you can get a pack of six 2.7-ounce bags (two of each flavor) for $19.

  13. Mamma Chia Strawberry Banana Chia Squeeze Snack

    Mamma Chia Squeeze Packs combine the vibrant flavors of strawberry and banana, the convenience of a squeeze pouch, and the nutritional benefits of chia seeds. These pouches are three and a half ounces, made from chia seeds, fruits, and veggies, and contain 1,200 milligrams of omega-3s. While these can be refrigerated for a cool treat, they’re also perfectly fine at room temperature straight from the pouch – very convenient, as one Amazon reviewer pointed out. You can get 16 pouches for about $25.

  14. 2 Degrees Chocolate Banana Bars

    2 Degrees Snack Bars are made from brown rice syrup, vegan chocolate chips, sunflower butter, unsulfured bananas, crisp rice with cocoa, sesame seeds, millet, chia, quinoa flakes, natural flavor, and Vitamin E from sunflower seeds (to preserve freshness). 2 Degrees, as they prominently display on their bars, donates a meal to a hungry child for every bar that is sold. These bars are pretty sweet with 12 grams of sugar. At the same time, they do pack some valuable nutrition. Each bar has four grams of protein, two grams of fiber, and 20 percent of the daily value of iron. Reviewers are saying that these bars are “excellent” and very healthy. You can get a box of nine for $31.


  15. Matt’s Munchies Banana Snacks

    Have trouble not eating a whole bag of banana chips in one sitting? Matt’s Munchies Organic Banana Snacks makes it easier to control portions. Each one of these one-ounce bags contains less than 100 calories worth of banana and has no added sugar. The snack itself is made from just organic banana purée (organic bananas and ascorbic acid). As reviewers relay, this is not your typical banana stack, in fact, they don’t resemble bananas at all! Instead of slices, each of these pouches contains a waxy paper with sticky banana squares adhered to it. While some did not love the texture, others felt these snacks were yummy, filling, and a great shelf-stable snack to have around. You can get 12 1-ounce bags for $26.

    Lead image source: Gamzova Olga/Shutterstock