Nothing gets you in the mood for the impending holiday season more than hosting your own fall dinner party. Having a get together at your home does come with a bit of work, though. You have to send out the invitations (or Facebook invites), decorate the house (so many pumpkins), make a playlist, get drinks, and of course, plan your menu for the evening. After all, food is arguably the most memorable part of a party. You’re going to want to keep the produce that is currently in season in mind, make sure you have more than enough for your guests (especially for second rounds), and pick a variety of dishes for a range of tastes. While you can certainly cook an entire dinner menu from scratch for your guests, if you are feeling overwhelmed or want to relax before your party, you may benefit from investing in some readymade or easy-to-make dishes that simply need to be heated and served. From bread rolls, soups, and salads to main dishes, sides, and desserts, this list has everything you need for a delicious (and seasonally appropriate party). Use all 18 for a fuss-free and festive event or mix and match these products with some homemade dishes to cut corners and save some time.