You’ve probably heard it before; kale is the ultimate super food. To healthy eaters especially, there are few foods so ideal. Not to mention, when prepared properly, it’s delicious. Seeing as how kale has become a huge fad, you’re probably aware that it’s good for you, and eating it occasionally. So, here’s a super quick rundown on why it’s great to eat.

Per calorie, kale has more calcium than milk and more iron than beef. That being said, it’s also low-calorie, high fiber, and low fat. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it a great anti-inflamatory food. It’s good for lowering cholesterol levels, and even contains cancer-fighting anti-oxidents. Kale contains the vitamins A, C, and K. It’s no wonder kale is idealized by so many; now all it takes is an understanding of the different kales and some cooking ideas to incorporate this leafy green into your diet.


Different types

Kale does not just come in one format. Of course, the varieties are not so dramatically different that you couldn’t pick up whichever bunch you wanted and get cooking, but, if you are interested, there is lots to learn about the different types of kale. For more details on the different varieties and some more health info, read this article.

Cooking ideas

There is no one perfect way to eat kale, but here are enough kale-cooking ideas to keep you going for a good week.


1. Juice it. Kale is a perfect juicing veggie, and this is arguably the healthiest way of getting some of this goodness into your system. Pairing it with sweet juices such as pineapple and apple are a great idea. For some kale juicing ideas, click here, or check out what One Green Planet has to offer here.

2. Smoothies. Kale might not immediately seam like a breakfast food, but, in fact, paired with mango in a smoothie it is delicious. Smoothies are a really easy way of incorporating a variety of different foods into your diet, and are quick and simple in the morning. In terms of getting kale in there to maximize taste experience, there is a whole website dedicated to getting this vegetable into your blender.


3. Sautéed. Kale is delicious as a side dish, lightly sautéed (or even steamed) with some olive oil, garlic, or other spices. Consider adding nutritional yeast, soy-sauce, hot sauce, or sesame seeds to give it a little boost as an addition to a main dish. A recipe is not even needed for this one, you simply need to chop up the kale and season it in the pan however you wish. If you really want the taste and texture of vegetables, this is probably the best option aside from simply making a salad.

4. Fried. Try adding kale to any kind of stir-fry or veggie combo. Even on its own with a bit of garlic it is delicious! Fried might not seem like the healthiest way to eat something, but in a small amount of olive oil, this is still a great option. Giving coconut oil a try is also a health-conscious decision, check out the health benefits here.


5. In sauces, pizzas, and pastas. Just like adding spinach to a tomato sauce, kale is also delicious when put on pizza, in pasta, or any other saucy dish. Tomatoes do not even need to be present, though, as kale also makes a great pesto. To sneak kale into a popular dish, try making a kale lasagna.

6. Chips. Baked kale chips are all the rage right now, and if you haven’t tried making them yet, here’s one of our recipes.

7. Soup. Soup is, of course, a super healthy option if you wish it to be so. Add a bunch of other veggies to the mix as the autumn progresses, you might just be looking for new soup recipes for colder days. Kale can simply be added to many recipes to add a new taste, or you can make a soup based around the ingredient. Here’s a recommendation.

8. Get creative! Or, if being adventurous is not your thing, One Green Planet has even more recipe ideas for you.

And, if you just can’t get enough kale (don’t worry, your body will thank you for this), the internet offers a wealth of information on the food. Or head down to your local farmer’s market, and ask a farmer how they like to eat theirs. You can even consider joining the “t-shirt movement” here.

Image Source: Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips