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What if you could eat a food that would give you super powers?  Well, I’m sorry to say that such a food has yet to be discovered, but superfoods might just be the next best thing.  Superfoods are whole foods that are both high in nutritional content and low in caloric density.  They are full of antioxidants, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, making them an incredibly beneficial addition to your diet.

The consumption of superfoods has been linked to a wide rage of health benefits.  Being full of free radical destroyers called antioxidants, they have been shown to fight cancer and slow the aging process.  They are loaded with phytochemicals, which are linked to everything from keeping your heart healthy to keeping your immune system strong.  These powerhouses of nutrition have even been shown to have energy enhancing, metabolism boosting, and waistline shrinking abilities.  After all that, there is no reason not to chow down on some of these super powered foods.  To help you get these health boosters into your diet, you can check out this guide on superfoods here and then you can go pick up some of the supercool superfood bars listed here.

1.  Good Greens Bars

good greens

Good Greens Bars contain a blend of 52 superfoods, berries, and veggies, taking taste and nutrition to a whole new level.  These health food bars are organic, gluten-free, use low-glycemic sweeteners, provide omega-3 fatty acids, and contain probiotics, 100% of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and protein.  Their delicious bar flavors include chocolate chunk, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate coconut, and wildberry.

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