WATCH: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Flying Bear!

Well, alright…the video below is not really of a flying bear, but depicts a tranquilized bear free-falling from a tree, safely onto cushion pads below. Not bad, huh?

The young bear, estimated to weigh between 150 and 200 pounds wandered into the University of Colorado campus in Boulder and climbed up a tree.

“He was just resting up in the tree probably for a good two hours,” CU police spokesman Ryan Huff told ABC news.

“He was pretty mellow. He was resting up on the branch,” said Huff.

Wildlife officials decided to hit the bear with a tranquilizer dart to protect the safety of the students and faculty. The bear then proceeded to take a two-hour snooze in the tree, before finally falling onto the mats below.

The bear is safe and injury-free and will be relocated into the wild.