Many experts say that we grow enough food to feed everyone, including the world’s hungry. Why, then, do so many humans still starve every day? A 2012 report by the Stockholm International Institute posits the cause of global food shortages is not lack of food and resources, but “waste and inefficiencies.”

And, for some, one way to really make the most of our food supply in order to feed all people may come down to encouraging a more plant-based diet for our culture.


Food activist and author Michael Pollan’s 2010 speech, “Food Rules for Healthy People and Planet,” has been excerpted and animated into this short video, which uses imaginative repurposing of food (go figure!), to illustrate some main ideas centering on how we can make better use of our food.

The excerpts from Pollan’s speech cover information about organic farming and the use of fossil fuels. One really great point? We use a whole lot of our food (Pollan says it’s about half!) to feed animals – which, most often, then go on to feed meat-eating people. (Need more reasons to eat less meat? Check out some videos we’ve compiled about the benefits of a plant-based diet here.)

Check out the full animated video of Pollan’s speech below: